Quiet and unassuming

As a poet I find pleasure
in writing every day
Capturing a moment
about life in such a way
that when I read my words
back quietly on reflection
they take on board a meaning
to inspire with recollection

Quiet and unassuming
I publish daily on my blog
something I have written
which then acts as a log
Sharing just a little
with anyone who cares to read
Wherever they may be worldwide
in whatever life they lead

Sometimes they might add a ‘like’
and then, once in a while
might add a little comment
or a pictographic ‘smile’
It’s always very humbling
when I read what people say
Makes me proud to be a poet
as it brightens up my day

So I will keep on writing
because that is what I am
It’s something that I need to do
and I write because I can
Finding ways to capture life
in words which mostly rhyme
Then sharing these with you out there
to read from time to time


Day 17 in the ‘Blogging from A-Z challenge


Not for me a diamond
or something made of gold
For I can find my treasure
in memories of old
Just walking through the harbour
where I wandered as a boy
has value beyond measure
and instils in me a joy

That history has substance
intangible maybe
But one which stores a value
which is firmly part of me
The pleasure of a memory
a recollection there
is as precious as a pot of gold
and one I’ll always share

Nostalgia is a precious thing
no one can take away
It can never be devalued
and will be there, come what may
But treasured though the past may be
it always takes a bow
to the forming of new memories
from the present, here and now


Photo – the old fisherman’s beach, Albion Street, Southwick (West Sussex, UK). Now filled in with rubble and concrete to form a car park for the harbour master’s office.

Day 16 in the ‘Blogging from A-Z challenge

Obi (paws for thought)

Obi (pronounced “Ohbee”)
has been with us for a year
He’s a little brown jack-russell
and he’s brought us lots of cheer
We’ve had him since he was a pup
all plump and paws and ears
And like our older dog we hope
that he will stay for many years

He’s forthcoming with his kisses
though he has some gnashers too
And when he gives a sideways glance
you know a nipping’s due
But mostly he’s just gorgeous
so much fun to have around
And apart from when he’s barking
he hardly makes a sound


Day 15 in the ‘Blogging from A-Z challenge

See also ‘Obi‘, ‘Obi’s Ears‘ and ‘My little dog


Lindisfarne echoed
across Newcastle tonight
The fog on the Tyne


Day 14 in the ‘Blogging from A-Z challenge


Today I sat out in the sunshine
for the first time so far this year
The bluebells had made an appearance
It was lovely out there with a beer
I gave the long grass a hair cut
and breathed its fresh fragrance in
It was all a bit magnificent
said the smile behind my wide grin


Day 13 in the ‘Blogging from A-Z challenge


I hear a rhythm deep inside my head
and the words just seem to flow
Mostly moving there in time
sometimes a little slow

It’s rather like a beating drum
repeating patterns heard
With me there as the drummer
turning rhythm into word

Lyrical, the magic flows
words dance to rhythmic beat
Crafted by the poet’s hand
until they are complete


Day 12 of the ‘Blogging from A-Z challenge

Kindred Spirits

We are of kindred spirit
my soulmate and me
developed over passing time
and living by the sea
Our love it has grown deeper
over eight and thirty years
with lots of laughs and smiles
and on occasion, tears
We have many common interests
and oft see eye to eye
something we’ve developed
as the years have passed us by
We never let the sun go down
on any argument
though life is mostly one
that’s full of merriment
It’s good to have a soulmate
she and I are one
our lives entwined together
until our days are done


Day 11 of the ‘Blogging from A-Z challenge


Whenever I see sunsets
out over the sea
I experience delight
with a feeling of glee

There’ve been many I’ve seen
since I was a boy
A blessing each one
deep seated in joy


Day 10 0f the ‘Blogging from A-Z challenge

Interesting (Slight Return)

Show me a colour, one that describes me
Look at my face – the colour behind my eyes
It cries for the sun and pines away on these rainy days
Curled in a ball and shivering,
It longs for a blue that paints the skies

I have a paintbox here somewhere; it has a bright palette
One I have used many times, mixing over and over
as old and dusty colours
lend their way to young ones bright and new
Blending easily with the marks I have made

There’s one hiding there with a hint of something interesting
I think it’s the one you need; something of the extra mile
Like the spreading rings of raindrops
as they fall to puddles
But there again, perhaps I am imagining things

Come closer. I’ll show you a colour – one that describes me.
Is it blue or a yellow or an autumn gold? Is it mellow green
or amber, or purple or silver or any one of the
hundred thousand colours you have seen? No. It is every one of these
spreading like raindrop rings on water


Day 9 of the ‘Blogging from A-Z challenge


Happy‘s so much better
than being glum I always find
Encouraging contentment
and a constant peace of mind
It’s so much easier to smile
and be jolly all the time
As a frown takes lots of effort
as it does to always whine

But if you seek encouragement
to find that happy place
I have some helpful pointers
to get a smile upon your face
Have a look around you
when you’re walking down the street
For there’s beauty to be found there
in ‘most everything you meet

The pattern of a shadow
as the sun shines on a wall
or the reflections in a puddle
when the rain decides to fall
A tiny wayside flower
with colour in the grey
Or a smile from someone passing
as they hurry on their way

All these things and plenty more
in subtle little ways
are sure to bring a smile
and make for happy days
It’s really not that difficult
and if you’re anything like me
You’ll feel a whole lot better
when you go through life happy


Day 8 of the ‘Blogging from A-Z challenge

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