The red

I stopped, reduced to tears
when the red before me lay
Tear of joy for splendour
shown to me upon this day

Walking down an avenue
trees on either side
Then this, the most spectacular
to leave me misty-eyed

Nature’s hand, the master
brings perfection to the fore
The red, a perfect picture
How could I want for more?


Photo – autumn colour at Sheffield Park, Sussex, UK – Jempics


Nature’s evening slumber

Upon the ground this time of year
the yellow, red and gold
A carpet of pure loveliness
from trees both young and old

Crunchy in the sunshine
fragrant in the rain
It always brings a certain cheer
when autumn comes again

Nature’s evening slumber
change, good as a rest
particularly with the colour
which this time of year is best


Photo – Jempics


If you put ‘Acer’ into Google
guess what you will see?
Lot of reference to laptops
but seldom to a tree
And yet the humble maple
(the namesake of that brand)
is the pure derivation which,
when seen, you’ll understand

The tall ones are so graceful
But the ‘Acer Palmatum’
really is exquisite
and is for us the one


Photo – ‘Acer Palmatum’ – autumn 2017, Sheffield Park, Sussex – Jempics


The tree was so majestic
and very, very tall
So when I stood beneath it
I felt very, very small
The mass of green above me
with branches spreading wide
overpowered my senses
and I felt small inside

I felt in awe and humble
in the presence of such might
with me so insignificant
so tiny and so slight
Yet here was no malevolence
as, whilst I gazed above
I felt the beauty of that power
embraced in arms of love


Photo – Jem under a Redwood at Wakehurst Place, Sussex, UK – Sally Croucher

The Zest

Resplendent the yellow
the daisy-like smiles
Their zest keeps me going
for miles and miles
Like a tonic for life
from fair nature’s hand
on the path that’s before me
across this great land

And wherever I go
the zest I will see
be it there in a flower
or a shrub or a tree
The essence of life
so perfectly free
is there for the taking
and all around me


Photo – Jempics

A wander, some mud and the Ring

Walking up from Washington
in excellent company
The South Downs up above us
so we’ve plenty here to see
And the rain that fell here overnight
has gone and in good time
For our wanderings this morning
as the weather’s dry and fine

The climb up to the South Downs Way
though the woods and more
was justified exertion
for the view that was in store
As at the chalky summit
The Ring before us lay
Magnificent as always
on this late September day

We stayed a little while there
high over Sussex Weald
beneath the shadow of the Ring
its glory here revealed
Before descending once again
where Mother Nature’s hand
rejuvenates the woodland
with new trees tall and grand

Then finally the company
to the Franklin Arms returned
for some victuals and beer
which we all of course had earned
We’ve picked some mud up on the way
but the cobwebs have deserted
Left behind in the few miles
today we have exerted


Photo – Chanctonbury Ring, South Downs Way, Sussex, UK , 30 September 2017 – Jempics

Reflected summer

Summer in the water
reflected by the green
Its millpond surface smooth
reflecting where I’ve been
Days of warmth and pleasure
bathing in the sun
Life exuding nature
enjoyed by everyone

And here beneath an oak
its boughs of green spread wide
I’m reminded of its excellence
reflections here beside


Photo – Westwood Lake, Wakehurst, Sussex, Uk – Jempics

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