Simple pleasures

Writing in my little book
really brings me pleasure
just crafting lines of poetry
to hold and yes, to treasure
I just can’t stop myself I find
I simply have to write
be that in the daytime
or late into the night

As when the words are out there
the poet has no choice
but to sit and write and capture them
so others can rejoice

For when the reader sits there
and sees in their mind’s eye
the place the words they came from
and smiles and breathes a sigh
that magic is repeated
time and time again
with lines re-read, repeated
in a poem’s sweet refrain

And if as me a poet
can, when writing takes a hold
capture just a part of that
it’s as precious as pure gold

For though stopping isn’t possible
it’s really nice to know
that pleasure is repeated
from my words when in full flow
So I’ll take that simple pleasure
as I really like to give
pouring out the joy that comes
from words that simply live


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I thought I’d write a poem
but my pen was really hot
I’d left it out in sunshine
so the poem it was not
At least for just a while
til the pen it had cooled down
then I could write the words
on this page without a frown


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Never Contrite

The problem with writing
So far in advance
Is the tine to catch up
Or not with a chance

And the capture of moments
Which by the time that they see
The cold light of day
Is a vague memory

But it’s a very small problem
To have so I’ll cope
And keep publishing them here
Knowing well that you’ll cope

As to you they are fresh
And as I hope quite inspiring
A snapshot of life
From someone not retiring

Someone who as me
Will continue to write
Albeit in advance
And never contrite


Photo – Jem of Jemverse doing what he does

Lockdown writing III

Late into the night
when sleep does not come
my mind wanders freely
until it is done
Gives me the words
that I pluck from the air
and fashion to paper
with rhythm and flair

For you can take freedom
and prevent me from seeing
but you can’t take the substance
that’s part of my being
So I’ll use this abandon
and give it some form
as the gift of the poet
here pending the norm


Photo – Jempics

Lockdown writing II

The comfort I find
at this time of contagion
is the knowledge that here
and of likewise persuasion
other poets like me
have taken to paper
with words that will capture
the gist of this caper

The tragedy yes
but the happiness too
as good human nature
with hope battles through
and comes to the fore
across every land
as poets together
are making a stand

Our words will be steadfast
and wholesome and true
as we live by the hope
that will carry us through
and they’ll capture the essence
of what life’s about
some with a whisper
and some with a shout


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Lockdown writing I

There’s no doubt I am writing more
(I’m about a week ahead)
as lockdown keeps me here at home I
take up my pen instead
I’m mostly in my garden
out the back or in the front
which gets sunshine in the evening
for the choice to be quite blunt

Sometimes like today I’m
just sitting in the sun
but other days I’m gardening
which I’m finding rather fun
But whatever I am doing
there is pen and paper near
as you never know when words will come
and new poems will appear


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Lost to time passing

In a small corner I curl
turning pages, I am lost to imagination
oblivious to time passing
minutes meld to hours
And this time is mine
Absorbing words from far away minds
Caught in that beautiful moment
when words caress my soul
with a comfort wholly realised


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My little book

I’m down to the last few pages
in this little book of mine
It’s done me proud since April
which is really quite a long time

And over two hundred poems
written and drafted in here
some over several pages
when their syntax wasn’t that clear

It’ll last me proud through December
but then at the end of the year
I’ll find another to carry me through
which I know will bring me some cheer

‘Cos I have to keep on writing
for that is a matter of fact
and a book which I carry wherever I go
will act as an outlet for that


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Jemverse II

So I’ve been writing for a while
a poem every day
Been doing this for fifty years
so I’ve along the way
picked up (I’d say) a trick or two
over all that time
of how to craft words into verse
which flow and nicely rhyme

I’ve had a lot of practice
and that makes perfect as you know
But there again my writing
still has a ways to go
‘Cos I’m always getting better
as there’s a lot to learn
of how to craft life into words
for others to discern

So I’ll just keep on writing
as life has lots to say
with Jemverse as my outlet
for new poems by the day


Bussokuseki III

This poetic triplicate
ends today with this
Now it’s found there will be more
Art is never satisfied
Never still the poet’s pen


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The Bussokuseki-kahi (仏足石歌碑) is a well-known monument in the Yakushi Temple in Nara, inscribed with twenty-one poems

The poems are written in Man’yōgana, a precursor to kana where Chinese characters are used for their phonetic value, and in Bussokuseki-style. Named after the poems, Bussokuseki-style is an archaic poetic device in which lines are written in a 5-7-5-7-7-7 mora pattern. It is an early form of waka.

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