In the clouds I see things
that only I see
shapes that form pictures
I want them to be
And then with my pen
I find words to record
the things that bring smiles
and with form bring accord


Photo – Jemverse instagram posting from 5 April – Jempics


A poet through and through

And now at last it’s quiet
Just the ticking of the clock
and the humming of the fridge
Little here for me to knock
So before I climb the stairs
and get the rest my body needs
My pen must get to paper
as some inspiration pleads

A few more words to capture
how I’m feeling at this time
sitting here at ten o’clock
to write a little rhyme
It’s part of what I really am
a poet through and through
So when the need write is there
I dare not that eschew


Photo – ‘A poet through and through’ in the making, January 23 2018 – Jempics

Of lions and gulls

In Portsmouth the lions
outside the Guild Hall
sit patiently waiting
and watch over all

They can never of course
leave their posts as that would
disciplinary matters
be as they should

So instead they’re reliant
on gulls playing host
to the messenger service
in from the coast

They’ll speak of the sea
and the to-ing and fro-ing
they see from the sky
wherever they’re going

Of lions and gulls
it’s a partnership thing
which together to us
the truth they will bring


Photo – Jempics

New Words

5 of 5 in the Jemverse ‘Poets’ series

It’s always nice to wet the page
when starting a new book
But rare (I think) the privilege
that others get a look
Not that here there’s much to see
My scribbled writing’s muse
drafted in rough format
with the the method that I use

Words which from the poet’s mind
meld and form to shape
Juxtaposing with each other
new poetry to make
Yet these pages will be with me
for several months to come
Capturing the words I use
‘Til every poem’s done


5 in a series of 5 poems written about poetry for poets. Photo – Jempics.

Word resting

4 of 5 in the Jemverse ‘Poets’ series

The minutes tick by
the words keep on flowing
How long they’ll continue
there’s no way of knowing

So erring to caution
the pen’s laid to rest
to return on the morrow
when poet’s are best


4 in a series of 5 poems written about poetry for poets. Photo – Jempics.


3 of 5 in the Jemverse ‘Poets’ series

Persuasive and fluid
expression related
the words of the poet
orally sated

Spoken with pride
besotted and smitten
the words which by craft
and by hand have been written


3 in a series of 5 poems written about poetry for poets. Photo – Jempics.

When we write

2 of 5 in the Jemverse ‘Poets’ series

In the small hours I sat
with my pen and I wrote
for the words were just flowing
and worthy of note
And they weren’t telling stories
at least, not ones of fiction
yet their eloquence still
came alive with their diction

And gave me a mission
I just had to commit
to the paper before me
with a whim and a wit
Words of a poet
with his art in the night
as such is the challenge
we have when we write


2 in a series of 5 poems written about poetry for poets. Photo – Jempics.

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