The shifting sea

At the ebb of a tide I'll slink to the shore
and though nought to hide I'll be back for more
for this is my movement and what I am for
as I am the shifting sea

When winds they are blowing and barometer falls
my numbers will swell as angry it calls
and out there my whitecaps dance in the squalls
as I am the shifting sea

In all of the seasons be it frigid or heat
my inclemency matches the mood to be sweet
with my music and rhythm thrummed to the beat
as I am the shifting sea


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Night Words

In Brentford, West London beside Father Thames
three in the morning and still
a poet with pen writes lines in the night
to the scratch of proverbial quill

Words tend to flow at this time of night
for the mind is a curious thing
and sometimes when slumber seems eons away
the colour of rhyme will just sing

But cathartic the rhythm and flow of the song
to encourage and coax tiring eyes
as the writer completes the verse with a flair
it will often catch up by surprise

He reads back and smiles at the words on the page
which his pen has etched in the night
before downing his tools for slumber once more
dowsing to silence the light


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Five verses five days (5)

5 of 5

I wrote a poem with five verses
one for every day
which I could publish on my blog
whilst I was away

The first one introduced the theme
(you read that yesterday)
but now you will be wondering
if substance I'll display

And never fear my readers
I'll not leave you feeling spent
as never will a poem
leave my pen without intent

The only caveat with this
is you read this through the week
to find out with the fifth stanza
that intent of which I speak

So here it is come Friday
no longer it's concealed
a ploy that kept you reading
til the purpose was revealed


[This poem was posted over five days on Jemverse between Monday 22nd and Friday 26th May 2023 – one more verse per day, building up to five]

To meet my words

In the quiet still of these crystal moments
when the morning whispers at sun's first call
and slumber echoes on the dove-cote doors of sleep
a world lies waiting for the day
and there you will find me, pen in hand
poised for the never failing still voice of inspiration
and when it comes, as it always will
these virgin sheets meet my words


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No. 11 in the Colloquy series

I'm excogitating out a simple plan
of something complex making it
from mere thought into fruition
something big to something whit

It's been there long, a growing seed
but now at last the plan lies true
and five months hence from 1st of May
the thinking will become a do


[In the ‘Colloquy’ series, I’m exploring some of the English language’s more obscure words. Some little used, some no longer used but all recondite. ‘Excogitate’ (noun): to plot, plan, devise or bring out by thinking]

The Christening

A new book so a new poem
as it is the thing to do
with virgin pages waiting
for some words quite fresh and new

So here are several lines
of rhyming verse to fit
the nuance of that simple plea
with nonchalance and wit

And as this book is likely
to last perhaps a year
expect to see more poems
like this in this space appear


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Making a list

Let me tell you of things to look forward to
as they're presently all on my mind
for although there's still doubt
as this is a big shout
in my heart I know all will be fine

So the consolatory thought has to be
of the things from my dreams I will do
like to publish a book
for many to look
at the poems I've long now accrued

And with not much surprise spend more time on the beach
and our allotment so close to hand
and yet due to work
we so often shirk
but soon will be at our command

Walking the hills of Sussex - no brainer
to explore all the places I've not
for whatever reason
in any season
but will now in this new time I've got

I'm not there just yet but retirement looms
just visible there through the mist
So 'til end of the year
when the big day is clear
I'll keep adding more things to this list


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My very best

When you write something
of which you are proud
and brings you a smile
and makes you shout loud
'Cos you know that the words
which have come from your heart
are worthy to share
and to others impart?

Well that's what this series
sets to capture with zest
'cos these are the words
which to me are the best
The ones I have written
which I'm pleased with the most
and with you I now share
with Jemverse the host



Tomorrow sees the start of a twelve part Jemverse series called ‘My very best’.


No. 9 in the Colloquy series

Darkened the tunnel beckoned
as sunlight filtered through
so gingerly I ventured
to the sylvan place I knew

The sound of trickled water
from the river down below
brought comfort to my quickened step
with beauty there on show

And together all this acquiesced
to hallowed moments there
the closest thing to heaven
which I dare now here to share


Photo – Jempics

[In the ‘Colloquy’ series, I’m exploring some of the English language’s more obscure words. Some little used, some no longer used but all recondite. ‘Sylvan’ is an adjective and defines as living or located in the woods or forest]

The most magical

I am the first thought
flowing to paper as the
poet sees the yellow
of a morning sky outside

I am the first breath
as a night of slumber ends
and rejuvenation leaps
to inspiration for the new

I am the 'je ne sais quoi'
a spark of something not quite there
hovering on the brink of
the most magical


Photo – Jempics

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