Hydrangea Serrata

Little white butterflies
live longer than most
With hydrangea serrata
the ambivalent host


Photo – Jempics


Pink and magnanimous
the tree mallow knows
that here in midsummer
it’s here to disclose

An explosion of colour
‘Midst the yellow and green
which is quite the most vivid
this summer you’ve seen


Photo – Jempics

Many happy returns II

Many happy returns
lives up to its name
With ever more roses
again and again

We’ve lost count of the blooms
it has given since May
When as a gift it was given
on a special birthday

They’re pink and they’re lovely
so we hope for a while
that they’ll stay and keep blooming
as they sure bring a smile


Photo – Jempics

[See the original Many Happy Returns from 1st June for context]


There’s an abundance in my border
and it’s shouting loud at me
It’s telling me of summer
and it’s wonderful to see

It has orange there and yellow
reflective of the sun
And it greets me every morning
as each new day’s begun

An abundance of magnificence
from nature’s palette, rare
With exuberance of wonder
that to me’s beyond compare


Photo – Jempics


I have a little greenhouse
in a lovely sunny spot
It’s covered in green plastic
and inside it’s pretty hot

At present I am growing
several things from seed
Some courgettes and some lettuce
and some parsnips that we need

And when they all have grown a bit
I’ll probably plant them out
On our allotment up the road
then watch them really sprout


Photo – Jempics

Little Lights

Surrounded by darkness
as night settles in
Little pinpricks of light
point to where I have been
As with power from the sunlight
they get by the day
they come alive in the darkness
to light up my way

And as my garden at night
brings mysterious smile
I’ll gladly partake
every once in a while


Photo – a myriad of solar light sticks – Jempics

Our little garden

I love our little garden
and the space we have out here
It’s lovely in the summer
and at other times of year
And yes, it’s on the small side
but that’s the way it is
So we’re not that bothered by it
as there’s nothing here remiss

It’s actually quite helpful
as to keep this lovely view
it’s easier to keep in check
and less for us to do
And even though the shrubbery
can overwhelm sometimes
A quick trim with the shears
makes room for more sunshine

It’s lovely sitting out here
so we do whenever we
have time to sit and have a read
or sip a cup of tea
Or simply sit and just admire
for which I beg your pardon
As it really is just perfect here
in this our little garden


Photo – the poet’s garden – Jempics

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