Tri-haiku XXVI (patience)

Earlier it comes
every year it seems to me
Sunshine and Christmas

And yet I still wait
as anticipation grows
until the right time

The waiting is good
as all good things come to those
with rewarding here


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Four Haikus II

This is the second
but I don’t want to waste words
So straight to the point


[These four haiku’s – 27 to 30 November 2019 – were written to read together. So please read yesterday’s and keep reading – at least for the next two days!]

Four Haikus I

Felt the need to write
Three lines to cover four days
No reason, just whim


[These four haiku’s – 27 to 30 November 2019 – were written to read together. So please keep reading – at least for the next three days!]

Tri-haiku XXV (October)

And so October
Memory of summer fades
and chill settles in

And yet the promise
as greenery turns to gold
with treasure to find

And as winter looms
summer falls from all the trees
as we wrap up warm


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Tri-Haiku XXIV (fading sun)

Its autumn apex
takes the sun lower each day
as northwards I face

Summer ends but heat
remains in that strength daily
Save for lesser time

Shadows fall early
So now I must make the most
of a fading sun


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Tri-haiku XXIII (August)

The comfort of a
quiet morning in summer
August in England

Writing at first light
and then, as the sun rises
Chorus of the dawn

Welcomes in the day
as I do in readiness
with August sunshine


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Tri-haiku XXII (drifting)

The joy of being
on holiday and at ease
Days pass slowly by

As relaxation
finds me in my element
Cock-a-hoop abounds

Merging together
the days pass without a care
And find me drifting


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[Tri-haiku is a Jemverse thing; triplets of haiku strung together to a theme. The old English phrase ‘cock-a-hoop’ originates from sometime in the 14th century; it means to be ecstatically happy]

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