Stuck in a crowd

Victoria station
this morning and me
Stuck in a crowd and
waiting to see
if the gates to the tube
would anytime soon
open up to the waiting
lest one of us swoon

For congestion aside
we’ve been here too long
and with all of the grumbling
there’s heat in this throng
So come on Victoria
this isn’t a joke
Just open the gates
and be kind to this bloke


Photo – the queue for the Tubes at Victoria underground station, London, 8.25 a.m. Tuesday morning – Jempics



And if I thought for a moment
that the words wouldn’t come
My pen laid to rest
and my writing days done
I would know then that life
had come to an end
and, bereft my abandon
like the loss of a friend

But thankfully there is
no sign of that day
As life keeps on showing
new things to relay
And my pen is as ever
as busy can be
For the words keep on flowing
and coming to me

For that is what Jemverse
my outlet’s about
Sometimes with a whisper
Sometimes with a shout
But always with gusto
and a joie de vivre
For that’s always something
we need I believe



The tree was so majestic
and very, very tall
So when I stood beneath it
I felt very, very small
The mass of green above me
with branches spreading wide
overpowered my senses
and I felt small inside

I felt in awe and humble
in the presence of such might
with me so insignificant
so tiny and so slight
Yet here was no malevolence
as, whilst I gazed above
I felt the beauty of that power
embraced in arms of love


Photo – Jem under a Redwood at Wakehurst Place, Sussex, UK – Sally Croucher

The Zest

Resplendent the yellow
the daisy-like smiles
Their zest keeps me going
for miles and miles
Like a tonic for life
from fair nature’s hand
on the path that’s before me
across this great land

And wherever I go
the zest I will see
be it there in a flower
or a shrub or a tree
The essence of life
so perfectly free
is there for the taking
and all around me


Photo – Jempics

Black Sheep

It’s said that we all have one
and in my family that was me
Albeit some time ago
rather thankfully
But this evening up at Manningtree
On the Essex coast
the black sheep I saw grazing
were lovelier than most

Not a bad thing here at all
the opposite, I’d say
A really lovely country scene
on this October day


Photo – black sheep at Manningtree, Tendring district of north Essex on the River Stour, UK – Jempics

Like Wordsworth

I often think of Wordsworth
in the lakeland wandering free
When I am here in Sussex
as there is affinity
And whereas I would never
deign compare my work to his
We share a love poetic
Revealed in verse like this

It’s the joy of the surroundings
Inspiration guaranteed
and the art of finding words
to capture that at speed
For when I see a picture
just like William, here’s the thing
I’ll write a little poem
with some words to make me sing


Photo – over the Sussex Weald from Chanctonbury Ring – Jempics

The Turning

The Thames at Kew this morning
with trees just on the turn
A warmth still in the early sun
The chill yet to discern
Not that I’m complaining
For balmy days are best
Particularly in the turning
when the summer has a rest


Photo – the river Thames at Kew – Jempics

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