Walking out this morning
I felt close to end of tether
As, despite the fact that it’s now June
We still have inclement weather

The wind is blowing from the north
and, although the sun shines bright
my hands and toes feel just as cold
as they do in winter’s blight

But, fickle though the weather is
The forecasters have it right
As they’ve promised summer will return
when the weekend is in sight


Promise II

11 March 2013

And yet in this raw chill
This early morning, this waking
This ritualistic clamour
This rush to find a place to sit
This routine, in all this still
There remains the light of summer
And a fragrance, soft like lavender
A promise of warmer days to come
Like a walk home from the sea
Bringing a smile to this winter man

Outside Sussex moves quickly
To remnants of December nights
And the pale light of laptops glow
And papers are read and coffees sipped
Conversation lost to monotony, and yet
Here, in my small corner
All I see are lapping waves and naked toes
And, like a calm summer breeze
A contentment born to one
Who remembers what it is to smile


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