Mid May and springtime evenings
with warmth still in the air
left over from the sunshine
that has been shining there

Walking through the city streets
A sultry feeling here
It is a pleasure knowing
that the summertime is near

And it has a certain nuance
you have to feel to know
when you simply have to wander
take your time and just be slow


Photo – Brighton’s Royal Pavilion on a warm late Spring night – Jempics

Promise in store

The daffodils are past their prime
but here at Horsted Keynes
The sunset comes at eight o’clock
and we all know what that means

It heralds Springtime’s fading
Summer’s waiting at the door
And warmer days are in the wings
with promise there in store


Photo – Sunset at Horsted Place, Horsted Keynes, Sussex, UK – Jempics

Windy days


Wind in my hair
and wind in my face
It’s blowing me round
and all over the place
It’s fine in the morning
when I’m rested and fresh
and great in the evening
when I’m needing a rest
It’s good for kite-surfers
out there on the sea
And for gulls on the tide
when they’re fishing for tea
In summer it’s lovely
as it’s usually warm
and prevails from the south
completely to form
But don’t get me started
on what it does when it’s cold
For that makes me shiver
and begin to feel old


An unwelcome guest

11 March 2013

Winter’s overstayed its welcome
and we’d prefer it now to go
‘Cos we’re fed up to the gills with cold
and howling winds and snow

It’s been staying with us now for months
and whereas we didn’t mind at first
We need the room for Springtime
now the former’s done its worst

At least we’re really hoping
that this is indeed the case
Because a little warming sunshine
is what we need around the place

We’re fed up with all its habits
and its annoying little ways
The temper tantrums that it has
for days and days and days

It really needs to leave and go
some place else for quite a while
For its room needs a good airing
and spring clean for summer’s smile


Promise III

And in these last few days
in the evening of the year
as Yuletide festivities approach
and we are in good cheer
There’s a brightness in the darkness
the glow of the new dawn
when, with the promise it will bring
a brand new year is born


Four colours

White for the winter
Spring gets the green
Yellow for summer
Autumn gold we have seen

My palette has colour
ready for me
One for each season
to reflect what I see

A canvas presented
throughout the year
Four colours chosen
to make everything clear



Deference to summer

I could write of the winter
when my fingers are cold
and I feel in my bones
that I’m getting quite old

Or I could write of the spring
when there’s new life ahead
and I feel a bit younger
and brighter instead

I can write of the summer
when I’m bouncing again
and I feel full of life
with the sunshine refrain

And I can write of the autumn
when the evening returns
and I feel trepidations
born of winter concerns

I can write of all seasons
but I know which I prefer
as it’s always to summer
that I will defer


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