Shoreham my home

Through a gap in the bushes
I spied Shoreham town
nestled there under the Downs
twixt me and the sea
safe there in the lea
the bearer of treasure and crowns

And I smiled in the knowledge
that this was my home
the place I am so pleased to live
for it has everything
to make my heart sing
with the riches it serves there to give


Photo – Shoreham town from Mill Hill, West Sussex – Jempics


There's a green ship in the harbour
up the river quite a bit
much further on than usual
so I took a pic of it
Rarely dredged of course these days
the building silt means most
will rarely venture up this far
at Shoreham on the coast
A far cry from my yesterdays
when every berth was full
so good to see the odd one still
with time's incessant pull


Photo – Shoreham harbour – Jempics

The silence of ancient walls

Beside old Railway Gardens this old flint wall has stood
built two hundred years ago but still it's looking good
And if its stones could talk and tell the history of the years
of Shoreham since the railway came of all those toils and tears
What a merry tale that would be for us who live
in this town beside the sea and what we wouldn't give
For history books are great to have but the interesting essence
can only come from something that has stood from past to present
So sadly we will never know for these old walls are still
and silent from the years they've seen as they forever will


Photo – the old walkway, Railway Gardens, Shoreham, West Sussex – Jempics

Probably should

Probably should go walking
but my legs feel hollow still
almost as if they're not quite there
a vestige from the 'ill'
To be honest it is grey out there
but Shoreham beckons me
so I'll follow best foot forward
and see what I will see
Besides I can still rest when I
return home later on
'cos fresh air is what I need to prove
the 'illing' here is done


Photo – Jempics

A grin at nightfall

Caught a last glimpse on the river at dusk
of the sun as it ended the day
the evening came fast
now the daytime was past
and I couldn't expect it to stay

So I watched as the river down there in the gloom
slowly turned on the tide
as the night time set in
meeting there with my grin
which like it was silent and wide


Photo – River Adur, Shoreham-by-Sea – Jempics

For the eleven

Memorial for eleven who passed that fateful day
looking to the airport where, across the Adur way
the plane that fell out of the sky seven years now past
took off but never landed save by that fiery blast
Yet now on this east river bank eleven arches stand
and catch the rays of setting suns for those eleven and
serve as fitting testament in Shoreham here so we
do not forget their passing as this sculpture here we see


Photo – the memorial on the east bank of the River Adur in Shoreham. Commemorating the passing of the 11 men who lost their lives on 22 August 2015 when a Hawker Hunter 17 failed to complete a loop as a part of the RAFA Air Show and crashed on the A27 by-pass north of the airport. Created by David Parfitt and Jane Fordham, the sculpture comprises 11 arches, each one personalised in consultation with relatives of the victims.

Mist walking

Found myself walking along the Broadwalk
heading into the mist
the sunshine was there above me somewhere
as the sky and the shingle there kissed
Ethereal silence descended as I
strode eastward along on my walk
giving passers by room as they grew from the gloom
with whispers there as they talked
and it was cathartic and pleasant for me
with barely a ripple of breeze
winter cold still but healing the ill
as I wandered close there to the sea


Photo – The Broadwalk, Shoreham Beach, West Sussex, UK – Jempics

Sunset in symmetry

Sunset in full symmetry
over Shoreham yesterday
as we drive back down from Lewes
heading homeward on our way
Golden beams across the sea
from sunshine in the cloud
made for a special moment
and announcement there aloud

As this was truly gorgeous
catching breath the moment there
a really special privilege
the two of us could share
So I'm really pleased I caught it
as we can now reminisce
and relive that winter sunset
as we ponder over this


Photo – Sunset over Shoreham (from the A27 bypass at the western end of Southwick tunnel) – Jempics

Paddle boarding Santas

On Christmas day in Shoreham
five hundred santas gathered
for a paddle on the Adur
though some were fairly blathered
and with paddle boards a-plenty
the red there and the white
made for this Christmas day right here
a truly lovely sight

It brought as it intended
a smile to every face
who stood to watch them paddle
in this very special place
and it said by words through action
that whatever life may bring
joy and laughter here at Christmas
is the most important thing


Photo – Jempics

More’s the pity

I'll not be going to the pub
this evening with my Bro
which is against my wishes
more's the pity yes, I know

But I'd much sooner keep myself
and loved ones safe from harm
so need to make the sacrifice
and not raise the alarm

For Omicron, the varient
is something I'd prefer
to never meet or entertain
and always to defer

So tonight instead I'm staying in
a pity and a shame
but there'll be times a-plenty
when we can both again

Pop out when we fancy
for a pint down at the pub
The Buckingham in Shoreham
that both us brothers love


Photo –

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