Summer’s youth

I'd have to say (If I didn't know better)
if only because the ground's less wetter
and we've not been shivering quite so much
although it is May and springtime as such
has only by the colour shown
and not by warmth we might have known
brought to our now long-suffered frame
the softened whisper known by name.
But these still morning shadows long
bathed there in sunshine with a song
don't need the words to speak the truth
and bring to life the summer's youth.


Photo – Jempics


Colours in number

I know that I knew that the yellow and blue
would under the sun and sky above true
when the springtime arrived would carry their shine
and bring me a smile which would then be mine

And I knew that I knew that their radiance there
in my garden would be a gift to then share
For these are the times I awake from my slumber
and find all these colours in many a number


Photo – Jempics

Last day #4

4 of 12 in the ‘Last Day 23’ series

It's the last day of April
and May is now looming
the sun has returned
and Spring flowers are blooming
So at last from the doldrums
of winter we come
and welcome the start
of days in the sun


Photo – Jempics

(revisiting) Exuberance II

Concluding the ‘Malleable 23’ series (10 of 10)

Glistening the water bathed in light served
as erudite reminder of Spring
emerging from the vice of winter
iron clad accedes to warmth
and with breath deep drawn
lungs were filled with fragrance new
a shining example of Spring's exuberance


series pic – Jempics

[Exuberance II was first posted in February 2023]

(revisiting) Spirea Arguta

9 of 10 in the ‘Malleable 23’ series

As if I couldn’t tell, the Spring
was evident today
As with flowers white and delicate
Spirea had a say

Arguta genus, Meadowsweets
It’s always first to flower
for shade within my garden
from its small yet fragrant bower


series pic – jempics

[Spirea Arguta‘ was first published in March 2019]


(revisiting) Springtime came back

8 of 10 in the ‘Malleable 23’ series

In the sunshine today
with freshly mown grass
I caught the fragrance of Spring
And something within
came awake with a grin
as abandon gave reason to sing

For there in a moment
life was reborn
Clicked my fingers and winter was past
The sunshine woke up
and filled up my cup
as Springtime came back at long last


series pic – Jempics

[Springtime came back‘ was first published in April 2019 and reposted in April 2022]


(revisiting) Shadow Days 4 (passing)

7 of 10 in the ‘Malleable 23’ series

The shadow days are over
I have woken to the sun
Shed layers for the freedom
now the winter time is done

The shadow days are over
I have come alive again
Hibernation is forgotten
where the winter was to blame

The shadow days are over
green and yellow to the fore
And I am in my element
as sunshine reigns once more


series pic – Jempics

Shadow Days 4 (passing’) was originally published as the final chapter in a 4-part poem series in March 2019


(revisiting) Spring (finally)

6 of 10 in the ‘Malleable 23’ series

And finally Spring
arrives in a day
long hours of sunshine
hip hip hooray
On the breeze is a fragrance
carried with grace
as we welcome the Springtime
with warm embrace


series pic – jempics

Spring (finally)‘ was originally published in April 2018, reposted in April 2021 and again today


(revisiting) About time

5 of 10 in the ‘Malleable 23’ series

Although it’s still winter
by the library today
I spotted some blossom
in the trees by the way
Pink and quite lovely
so in spite of the chill
it spoke of a promise
with a pleasure here still
that Springtime is coming
and not far away
An end to the winter?
About time I’d say


Series pic – Jempics

About time‘ was first published in March 2018

(revisiting) A synergy born

4 of 10 in the ‘Malleable 23’ series

The spirea’s in full bloom
with its blossom abundant
and the warmth of the sunshine
means Winter’s redundant

And I’m pleased about that
It fills me with joy
Something I realised
when just a small boy

That as a child of the summer
the heat of mid-June
from the warmth of the Springtime
cannot come too soon

I come alive in this weather
when the sun climbs up high
and the clouds are all fluffy
and blue fills the sky

So the spirea, when it blossoms
forms a synergy here
Which always reminds me
that summer is near


Series pic – Jempics

A synergy born‘ was first published in April 2017

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