That lavender time again II

It’s really quite strange
but this time last year
I picked all my lavender
and posted right here
On this very same day
In the mid-July sun
when the first set of flowers
were ready and done

And I used the same basket
and took the same pic
It’s just the words that have changed
to be academic
So below I’ve included
for you readers a link
to last years’ poem
to see what you think


Photo – 2017 lavender crop – Jempics

That lavender time again – 23/7/16

Lilac Lovliness

They grow in abundance
by the railway bridge line
And their fragrance in summer
is completely divine
Their heady perfume
just intoxicates me
So I took this quick picture
for you all to see

Mores the pity here though
that you can’t take a whiff
As this Jemverse blog
is not ‘scratch n sniff’!


Photo – wild urban lilacs – Jempics

One of those days

It’s been one of those days
when the lingering heat
makes everyone glisten
from heads to their feet
And there’s nothing to do
when the weather’s like this
Though I know that for many
it borders on bliss

But I’m not complaining
(don’t get me wrong here)
As one can always cool down
with a really cold beer


Photo –  the ‘Dark Star‘ brewery is Sussex based. The one featured here is two thirds of a pint of their summer brew ‘Sunburst’ – one of my favourites – Jempics

Yellow Three

Seven colours, seven days
Yellow’s here today
The third one in the rainbow
and my favourite, I’d say

For with it comes a promise
for the summer and the sun
And the warmth of its magnificence
that I will never shun


Photo – Jempics

Part 3 of 7 – ‘The rainbow series’


They inspire in me a wholesomeness
as a new day is begun
Summer flowers in full array
awakened by the sun

Their colour is quite sumptuous
intoxicating me
As I stand transfixed to take it in


Photo – Jempics

First Lavender II

Summer brings a fragrance
which is heaven in a scent
Sweet lavender, my saving grace
my senses to augment

It’s aroma is quite gorgeous
and of it I’ll never tire
Quintessential loveliness
to cherish and admire


Photo – Jempics

The Fly-past

Gulls above the Metropole
a fly-past just for me
Here in Brighton in the sun
next to the deep blue sea

Their cry is one of happiness
and the joy of being here
With the clarity of summer
at this lovely time of year


Photo – gulls on the wing above the Metropole Hotel, Brighton, Sussex, UK – Jempics

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