Like a whisper

Icing sugar on the road
a dusting overnight
the sun glow in the eastern sky
still a glorious sight

Cold there is no doubt of that
minus six and falling
but the crystal air is lovely
on this chilly winter morning

Ethereal and silent
there’s no one else around
the snow lies like a whisper
like a blanket on the ground

And I feel like an intruder
as I venture out today
so caught up in the moment
that I have no words to say


Photo – Jempics


The stranger came…

The sunshine came and visited
today for just a while
Somewhat like a stranger
but gave us cause to smile

With the year that’s still quite young
her warmth has yet to grow
But Spring is not that far away
and will soon be here you know

Then the stranger’s strength will grow
She’ll not be quite so shy
And we’ll welcome her with open arms
whenever she calls by


Photo – Jempics

Close to bliss

The beach huts may be shuttered
and closed for wintertime
But the sunrise ‘cross the sea is
just as equally sublime
as it can be in summer months
much earlier than this
But still tinged with a wonder
which comes quite close to bliss


Photo – December sunrise – A259, East Worthing – Jempics

December blossom

There’s blossom in the bushes
even though it’s now December
And I know it’s been quite warm of late
but you’d think it would remember
That winter sun although still bright
deceives with days of chill
and Spring is several months away
with quite some waiting still
Don’t get me wrong though, I’m quite pleased
to see these buds of pink
I’m just surprised and know the chill
will stop their growth I think


Photo – budding blossom, Shoreham, December 2017 – Jempics

Beauty Everywhere

Sun shines bright on Llanishen
which with a leaf here from my book
You can find beauty anywhere
if you just take a look
This glimpse was in a business park
on wasteland in between
bland warehouse and concrete
Yet some beauty there was seen
Early dew upon the grass
growing wild and tall
Reflected in the sunlight
showed the beauty of it all


Llanishen is a district north of Cardiff in Wales. This  was snapped on wasteland in an industrial park in the small town of Ty Glas. Photo – Jempics

Thinking of summer

And around about this time of year
when winter’s settling in
The days are getting shorter
and I’ve started shivering
It’s then I think of summer
and wish that I was there
When instead of wearing jumpers
my arms and legs are bare
But now I’ll have to be content
with sunshine through the glass
of windows closed to winter
until the Springtime comes at last


Photo – Jempics

You’ll always find me smiling

You’ll always find me smiling
when the sunshine shows its face
Particularly in its summer warmth
with evidential grace
I’ll find a little corner
where I’m sheltered from the breeze
and spend some peaceful moments
‘Cos they’re always there to seize

And even when it’s cooler
and the autumn cools things down
The sunshine brings a smile
(always better than a frown)


Photo – Jempics

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