Sitting in the sunshine

It’s a beautiful thing
A perfect distraction
sitting with sunshine out here
And with a good book to read
and the breeze on my brow
I will often be here with a beer

It just something I do
Along (I would say)
with many all over the place
As the joy of sitting
with sunshine out here
is a gift born simply of grace


Photo – Jem on the beach in the sun with a beer – Sally Croucher


Cherry blossom lovely

The cherry blossom’s in full bloom
on the allotment in the sun
as I sit here and write a while
now the strimming is all done
The grass grows quick this time of year
so I’m down here quite a bit
with spare batteries in my bag
in case the good ones quit

It’s quite cathartic working here
watching as things grow
but it’s nicer still just sitting
in the sunshine, as you know
So I’ll sit here with the blossom
beneath the deep blue sky
content to ponder for a while
as time slips slowly by


Photo – cherry tree blossom, Ham Field allotments, Shoreham, Sussex. Spring 2019 – Jempics

Sunshine V

The warmth returned
and with it came
a thing with a forgotten name
It bathed most
everything it saw
with light and warmth and something more

Je ne sais quoi?
I cannot say
but it was lovely yesterday
So it’s my hope
it will decide
to stay a while and here reside


Photo – Jempics


No 9 of 12 in the Jemverse ’12 months II’ series

May arrives with emerald glow
When Spring is here and in full flow
And oft to walking we will go
In the warm sunshine

May arrives as summer’s child
With warmer days and weather mild
On which we all will oft have smiled
With the warm sunshine

May arrives to herald June
As it will be the summer soon
And we will dance beneath the moon
After warm sunshine


Photo – Jempics

Tri-haiku XVI (sparkles)

Doors flung wide open
the outside comes inside now
with fragrance of Spring

The stranger visits
looking for a place to sit
Anywhere will do

And its radiance
paints everything golden here
Sparkles all over


Photo – Jempics

Dawn Timidity

With mystery there
lurking at the edge of day
and timidity

Encouragement saw
soon a braver face appear
and there the sun’s rise


Photo – Jempics

Tri-haiku XV (Tuesday)

Tuesdays come and go
This one similar to most
apart from the sun

Exuding brightness
at sunrise today it smiled
with something of Spring

As if to announce
a greeting, ‘Hello Tuesday’
With sun I am here


Photo Jempics

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