Old Father Thames and a slow evening

Spent a while with Old Father Thames
as it meandered slow to the sea
far to the east from where I was then
down in the Thames Estuary
As here I am bathed in late evening sun
in Brentford, West London this week
May's weather sees summer returning at last
evident here as I speak

For this evening the peace by the river is fine
almost quiet in a London-like way
slow with assurance now work's day is done
to show itself to me today
In a while I will wander back to the hotel
but for now with contentment complete
I'll sit here and watch as the river rolls by
satisfied and relaxed and replete


Photo – Kew Bridge, Brentford, West London – Jempics


Last Day #5

5 of 12 in the ‘Last Day 23’ series

And the last day of May
comes as June takes the stage
with a bow as summer returns
So good at long last to get a warm blast
of the sunshine as strongly it burns

So as May fades to silent
with its last curtain call
we applaud as it gave of its best
and brought us the sun for long days of fun
in exuberance of summer's zest


Photo – detail from Vincent Van Gogh’s ‘Sunflowers’ – Jempics

The sunflower is mine

I met Vincent in a painting
there was yellow everywhere
two men who loved the sunshine
for a synergy right there

Cathartic was the moment
though he's no longer here
but the colour in his painting
still brings to us good cheer

And being in that moment
with his life's work on the wall
projected light in motion
I with Vincent stood there tall


Photo – Emily Rose Croucher

[Van Gogh Alive is an interactive experience of Vincent’s life work in sound and motion which combines projected images of his paintings onto huge screens, ceilings and floors together with quotes from his letters and compatriots. There are animations and stills, extracts and full works all condensed into a 45-minute rolling programme showcasing his prolific 2,010 work repertoire created mostly during the last two years of his short 37-year life, The experience showcased in Brighton as a part of the 2023 Arts Festival].

The day of sunshine smiles

There in the grass the colour shone
here for a time before they're gone
the pinks and yellows beamed upon
a day of sunshine smiles

It was exquisite, erudite
a picture here to underwrite
the evidence here in my sight
a day of sunshine smiles


Photo – Sally Croucher

Summer’s youth

I'd have to say (If I didn't know better)
if only because the ground's less wetter
and we've not been shivering quite so much
although it is May and springtime as such
has only by the colour shown
and not by warmth we might have known
brought to our now long-suffered frame
the softened whisper known by name.
But these still morning shadows long
bathed there in sunshine with a song
don't need the words to speak the truth
and bring to life the summer's youth.


Photo – Jempics

Last day #4

4 of 12 in the ‘Last Day 23’ series

It's the last day of April
and May is now looming
the sun has returned
and Spring flowers are blooming
So at last from the doldrums
of winter we come
and welcome the start
of days in the sun


Photo – Jempics

Metaphoric III (haiku)

From the day before
Another Friday
brings sunshine to the weekend
despite metaphor

From yesterday
Saturday follows
and sunshine is in my heart
despite metaphor

For today
And so to Sunday
Sunshine's actually here
despite metaphor


Photo – Jempics

Metaphoric II (haiku)

From yesterday
Another Friday
brings sunshine to the weekend
despite metaphor

For today
Saturday follows
and sunshine is in my heart
despite metaphor


Photo Jempics

[Part 3 tomorrow]

Metaphoric? (haiku)

Another Friday
brings sunshine to the weekend
despite metaphor


Photo – Jempics

BST sunshine

The clocks went forward by an hour
a week or so ago
and even if I missed that thing
there's one way I will know
that summer time is nearing now
when warmer days will come
and I will be out under
that lovely yellow sun
For by that token northward facing
when BST comes round
we finally see the rays of sun
out there upon the ground


Photo – from Beak Brewery, Lewes, East Sussex

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