Me by the sea

Gold on water evening time
on the beach into sublime
Westward walking all this mine
In Sussex by the sea

Sea air salty winter clime
far out there horizon line
evening shadows intertwine
In Sussex by the sea

All these wonders help define
the sea in me this storyline
of beaches with the weather fine
In Sussex by the sea


Photo – Jempics

A spirit freed

The mystery of what's beyond
the gate across this winter field
keeps me guessing in the rain
that winter brings to Sussex Weald

I can see I think a mound of earth
and a house bathed deep in mist
behind the barren trees devoid
of green the spring and summer kissed

And part of me longs there to tread
exploring paths to whence they lead
for this the gift on me bestowed
to celebrate a spirit freed


Photo – Jempics

Adur valley beauty revisited

7 of 10 in the Jemverse Winter 22 series ‘Brittle Days’

Today the river mirrors
The pale blue of the sky
As whitened Sussex fields
In frosted splendour lie

Lancing college chapel
Proud as always on the hill
Overlooks the Adur valley
Quiet and beautifully still

And as I gaze upon this vista
Briefly from the train
I am reminded that I live here
And a smile returns again


Series pic – Jempics

Adur valley beauty‘ was first published via Jemverse on 10 December 2014

Mill Hill Barking

Popped up to Mill Hill for a wander
Obi barked all the way there
shouting loud from the window
all that we passed by for to share
that he was going for walkies
out on the fine Sussex trail
and he wanted all there to know it
by his barking there to regale

It was bracing up there but quite lovely
and the views although grey were divine
confirming again in a moment
that all this is yours as is mine
And I think it subdued even Obi
as he was quiet on the journey back down
content that he'd now had his walkies
on the hills above old Shoreham town


Photo – Shoreham from Miill Hill, West Sussex – Jempics

Emmaus II

Sitting outside Emmaus
my purchases clamped in my hand
looking forward to hearing
old vinyl from my favourite band

Pleased with my finds here this morning
browsing bric-a-brac and some more
this place in Portslade that we come to
up here at our favourite store


Photo – Jempics

Emmaus is a homeless centre in Old Portslade, West Sussex which doubles as a homeless refuge and a large second-hand furniture, clothing and bric-a-brac store.


With its long reach
this station clad
with many journeys
I have had
Over the years
to different places
some with airs
and some with graces
Quiet, it exudes
a charm
which here has never
done me harm
A comfort even
home from home
from all the stations
I have known
For this is Shoreham
part of me
in this town
beside the sea


Photo – Jempics

It was grey, then it wasn’t

It was grey, then it wasn't
when the day ended gold
and the rain clouds went eastward
to the Kent coast and cold
And Sussex saw sunshine
at the end of the day
with a sunset to die for
in a golden array


Photo – Jempics

Our beach hut

And the view from the beach hut
to the shine of the sea
on this day in December
was fantastic for me

So pleased I can come
at all times of year
as this place is my haven
and always brings cheer

The locks opened easy
and the roof is still sound
with its turquoise paint job
still the brightest around

This beach hut at Lancing
brings a joy and still more
as place of our own
on the Sussex sea shore


Photo – the sea from Beach Hut 101, December 2021 – Jempics 

The joy of seven tree field

In seven tree field Santa's sleigh had arrived
and Obi sniffed inquisitively
We paused for a snap
with the little chap
before he ran off for a wee

In seven tree field December has come
but it's still not really that cold
The trees are now bare
but none of us care
for they've left the grass covered in gold

In seven tree field where we come every week
the joy this place brings just exudes
So as Obi runs round
on this familiar ground
Not to come would be rather rude


Photo – Jem & Obi at ‘Houndie House’ in Seven Tree Field – Sally Croucher

Our field

So many times
we've both walked this field
with our little dog, Obi
in the heart of the Weald
Just north of Steyning
on the Partridge Green road
it's been here our haven
and many times strode

Each time we come here
something different we see
whilst Obi does running
quite safe and quite free
and we never grow weary
despite knowing it well
as it's wholesome and lovely
which these words I think tell


Photo – Seven Tree Field – Jempics

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