Back to the Zebra and Bizet

1 of 12 in the ‘About Brighton’ series

I think it was Bizet the zebra was playing
in Brighton today in the sun
Nocturne in D Major if I’m not mistaken
Yes, I think that piece was the one

It was somehow fitting for the time and the place
a tranquil and quiet melody
Brought an air of contentment to those wandering by
In Brighton, so close to the sea


Series photo is from the front cover of a First Edition of a book by Antony Dale from 1951

[‘The Zebra and Bizet‘ was first published in September 2015. It’s about a Brighton busker who dresses as a zebra]



The rain came down on Sussex
on a weekday from grey sky
puddles in the gutters
as bent people hurried by

Hunched against the blowing wind
their purpose form they sped
to various destinations
by design each to were led

And watching from a distance
I felt relieved that I
did not need to brave the wilds
and could stay warm and dry

So, looking at the puddles there
I think inside I'll stay
and wait things out until there comes
another sunny day


Photo – Jempics

Not that far

Walking to the beach hut
it's not so very far
but the view along the waterside
is quite spectacular
There's sunshine on the water
and though some clouds are grey
it's very warm and pleasant 
on this lovely summer day

By and by I'll sit me down
on the beach I call a friend
outside my haven beach hut
until the day has reached its end
And then I'll wander home again
back beside the sea
watching as the evening falls 
on this fair soliloquy


Photo – Jempics

Beginning VIII

8 of 12 in the Jemverse ’12 months IV’ series

At the beginning of April

the sunshine arrived

bringing with it a warmth

which we’d been deprived

of for ages it seems

through the long winter cold

which though we’d resisted

had taken a hold

But now that’s the past

as the Springtime is here

and we all turn a face

to the warmth and the cheer


Photo – Jempics

Family II

A sound of something falling
on the TV; cries of ‘ouch’
accompanied by laughter
from the children on the couch
a house of conversation
undercurrent with a thrum
heard buzzing on the airwaves
like welcome rays of sun

This ambiance encourages
with warmth from deep within
fills our hearts with love and grace
with this remembering
For we are all here family
and together hand in hand
metaphorically at least
with happiness we stand


Photo – Jempics

Four Haikus IV

Which brings me to four
and the whim has carried me
with words to this point


[These four haiku’s – 27 to 30 November 2019 – were written to read together. So please read those from the last three days with this one. Sorry about that – but it kept you reading. Which was kind of the point!]

Four Haikus III

Which you won’t have got
in the haiku yesterday
as there was no space


[These four haiku’s – 27 to 30 November 2019 – were written to read together. So please read those from the 27th and 28th and keep reading – at least until tomorrow!]

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