The last of it…?

Thought we’d seen the last of it
in the sunshine yesterday
So little did we spare a thought
for more snow on the way
And yet first thing this morning
another blanket on the ground
white replacing yellow
with snowfall all around


Photo – March snow, Shoreham – Jempics


Like a whisper

Icing sugar on the road
a dusting overnight
the sun glow in the eastern sky
still a glorious sight

Cold there is no doubt of that
minus six and falling
but the crystal air is lovely
on this chilly winter morning

Ethereal and silent
there’s no one else around
the snow lies like a whisper
like a blanket on the ground

And I feel like an intruder
as I venture out today
so caught up in the moment
that I have no words to say


Photo – Jempics

No Fishing

The seagulls were hopeful
as they flew overhead
But the fisherman’s stayed
nice and warm in his bed

And his boat remains covered
with tarpaulin and snow
His nets and his lines
packed away and in stow

No fish trail to follow
on the flat calm today
so no food for the gulls
as they flew on their way


Photo – Worthing beach, West Sussex – Jempics

Small dogs and the cold stuff

On the ground out the back
by the door in the snow
paw prints out there
with some evidence show
that although I’m uncertain
of the white stuff out there
I’ve been brave and I’ve ventured
outside for a dare
But I’m not out there long
‘Cos I’m still very small
and you feel the cold more
when you’re not very tall


Photo – Jempics

Somewhere cold

In the summer I sit here
and soak up the sun
but sitting here now
would be cold on the bum

The lavenders’ branches
whilst still with its green
are flecked now with white
from the snow that has been

And my bench will remain
with a covering of snow
as I’m snug inside
in the warm with a glow


Photo – Jempics

The white blanket

So rare the white blanket
on this Southern shore
that part of me wishes
there was sometimes more
A very small part though
and I mean it no ill
But I couldn’t live long
with this iron chill


Photo – Snow on Worthing Beach, West Sussex – Jempics


It possesses a certain
something that soothes
and reminds me of summer
with its calming moods
Just a squeeze of the sachet
when winter is here
or a rub between fingers
when summer is near
brings out that pure fragrance
that, with purest intent
and a small play on words
is to me ‘heavenscent’


Photo – Lordington Lavender farm, West Sussex, UK – Jempics

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