Bing was not in Sussex

Bing was certainly not in Sussex
when he sang his famous song
As a white Christmas here
was so far back, so long
that I can scarce remember it
So many years ago
When we enjoyed in Sussex
a little Christmas snow

Yesterday we got a dusting
on December twenty-seven
when a little of the white stuff
found its way to us from heaven
But it didn’t stay for long of course
and soon turned back to rain
So it may be several more years yet
‘Til we see snow again


Photo – the last ‘proper’ snowfall in Shoreham-by-Sea, Sussex – January 2013 – Jempics


Lichen Green

And along these brittle winter trails
with barren branches here
The green reminds as lichen still
retains a festive cheer

So, putting best foot forward
a swift step through the field
Wrapped up warm for Christmas
I wander Sussex Weald.

And the lichen green reminds me
of a hand still there at play
in the beauty all around me
on this brittle winter day


Photo – Jempics

Close to bliss

The beach huts may be shuttered
and closed for wintertime
But the sunrise ‘cross the sea is
just as equally sublime
as it can be in summer months
much earlier than this
But still tinged with a wonder
which comes quite close to bliss


Photo – December sunrise – A259, East Worthing – Jempics

Clarity III

And the light this morning
emulates a clarity anew
Captured on the coast road
as I pass with clear sea view
Pastel pinks and subtle blue
Oranges and yellow
confirming absolutely that
I am a lucky fellow


Photo – December morning skies over the English channel, from the A259 coast road, Lancing, West Sussex – Jempics


Most times on these cold winter days
you’ll find me snug inside
as chilliness and cold are things
I really can’t abide

Give me a pen and paper and
some music and you’ll see
that I’m content to stay indoors
and let the winter be

For both these things together
with the pleasure that they bring
Resolve here quite a plenty not
to venture out ’til Spring


Photo – Jempics

Winter Days

These cold weekends of winter
keep us warm indoors most days
For it is frigid out there
devoid of warming rays
So we’d rather stay here snug and warm
with music, books and cheer
in our jumpers and our slippers
instead of winter gear

And the daylight hour are shorter
which just weakens our resolve
with all of the shenanigans
going out there does involve
So here’s to classic movies
hot tea and warming fires
Books, and music listened to
‘Til wintertime expires


Photo – Jempics

Pining for summer

So, winter has me in its grip
and won’t let go right now
Her cold and icy fingers
spider-like across my brow
Shivering, I try to smile
and brave the worst of it
But winter’s not what I’m about
and never seems to fit

For I’m a child of summer
something that’s been said before
I clamour for the warmer months
when cold knocks at the door
I come alive with warming sun
I laugh within its glare
And always, always miss it
whenever it’s not there


Photo – December frozen puddle at minus five degrees – Jempics

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