The hidden poem

There once was a poem, it lived in my head
where it churned and prospered and grew
Words came and went, stanzas they changed
Syntax coaxed old from the new

And unlike the ones that I write every day
this one shunned limelight and stayed
mysteriously there in the background
not yet to be up there, displayed

But then one proud day it appeared on the page
and encouraged my pen with its form
the one it had nurtured all of this time
waiting there in the wings to adorn

My Jemverse poetry blog with the rest
that I publish each day without fail
hoping to illicit from those who read
as another one here to regale


Photo – Jempics


To meet my words

In the quiet still of these crystal moments
when the morning whispers at sun's first call
and slumber echoes on the dove-cote doors of sleep
a world lies waiting for the day
and there you will find me, pen in hand
poised for the never failing still voice of inspiration
and when it comes, as it always will
these virgin sheets meet my words


Photo – Jempics

Wise words at the Lion & Lobster

Met an old friend at the Lion & Lobster
he retired ages ago
but at the toss of a coin fairly soon I will join
and pensioner days I will know

But I'm not there yet at the Lion & Lobster
I'm still working you see
Though I'm still a great fan and am making a plan
and a pensioner soon I will be

Truth be told this old friend at the Lion & Lobster
is several years younger than I
But though he went too soon we all call the tune
for pensioner days by and by

So I met an old friend at the Lion & Lobster
and as I had something to hear
I listened in well to the words he did tell
as a pensioner I'll be this year


Photo – The Lion & Lobster, Sillwood Street Brighton – Jempics


No. 11 in the Colloquy series

I'm excogitating out a simple plan
of something complex making it
from mere thought into fruition
something big to something whit

It's been there long, a growing seed
but now at last the plan lies true
and five months hence from 1st of May
the thinking will become a do


[In the ‘Colloquy’ series, I’m exploring some of the English language’s more obscure words. Some little used, some no longer used but all recondite. ‘Excogitate’ (noun): to plot, plan, devise or bring out by thinking]

The Christening

A new book so a new poem
as it is the thing to do
with virgin pages waiting
for some words quite fresh and new

So here are several lines
of rhyming verse to fit
the nuance of that simple plea
with nonchalance and wit

And as this book is likely
to last perhaps a year
expect to see more poems
like this in this space appear


Photo – Jempics


No. 10 in the ‘Colloquy’ series

With purpose in mind my best foot I place
metaphorically forward with zest
as with wherewithal there
with a purpose to share
I will give this plan all of my best

It's essence simplistic and outcome quite clear
it's quite simple, straightforward I'd say
so swift to fruition
with this intuition
put down in these words for today

And it's something that you can with likewise intent
apply to whatever you want
a blueprint with ease
to immediately please
from the anxious to the nonchalant


[In the ‘Colloquy’ series, I’m exploring some of the English language’s more obscure words. Some little used, some no longer used but all recondite. ‘Wherewithal’ (noun) is the means needed for a particular purpose]

My very best

When you write something
of which you are proud
and brings you a smile
and makes you shout loud
'Cos you know that the words
which have come from your heart
are worthy to share
and to others impart?

Well that's what this series
sets to capture with zest
'cos these are the words
which to me are the best
The ones I have written
which I'm pleased with the most
and with you I now share
with Jemverse the host



Tomorrow sees the start of a twelve part Jemverse series called ‘My very best’.


No. 9 in the Colloquy series

Darkened the tunnel beckoned
as sunlight filtered through
so gingerly I ventured
to the sylvan place I knew

The sound of trickled water
from the river down below
brought comfort to my quickened step
with beauty there on show

And together all this acquiesced
to hallowed moments there
the closest thing to heaven
which I dare now here to share


Photo – Jempics

[In the ‘Colloquy’ series, I’m exploring some of the English language’s more obscure words. Some little used, some no longer used but all recondite. ‘Sylvan’ is an adjective and defines as living or located in the woods or forest]

The most magical

I am the first thought
flowing to paper as the
poet sees the yellow
of a morning sky outside

I am the first breath
as a night of slumber ends
and rejuvenation leaps
to inspiration for the new

I am the 'je ne sais quoi'
a spark of something not quite there
hovering on the brink of
the most magical


Photo – Jempics

In the past (aka ‘wherewithal)

If you're reading this now
on the day it appears
on line on the web
you will be in arrears
For most of the work
that I publish each day
comes from the past
in a meaningful way

For there's rarely a time
when I don't write a thing
so those that I do
await publishing
at a time that will suit
some days or weeks hence
quite often it seems
at times' recompense

Today's for example
which I've called 'In the past'
is now two weeks old
so the die is long cast
Twenty-third of last month
these words went to paper
so it's been a fortnight
'til I published this caper

So when in these words
you see something I've done
or something I've seen
which has brought me some fun
It probably won't have
been recent at all
but some time in the past
for that wherewithal


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