Continues the sun
Long hours over summer days
June into July


Photo – from #Jemverse on instagram, July 2018 – Jempics


Time after time

Yes, I know I have written
many times in the past
of this beach and the sea
and it won’t be my last
For this place here in Sussex
I will gravitate to
whenever I can
Well you would, wouldn’t you?

For it has everything
I could possible crave
The beach and the blue
and the sea and the wave
And our beach but, a haven
above the tide line
where I’ll sit and write poems
time after time


Photo – South Lancing Beach, West Sussex, UK – Jempics

Me and the seagulls

On the beach here on my day
the best place to be
Outside the beach hut
beside the blue sea
Sou’ Westerly blowing
Waves green and blue
White horses leaping
with surf as they do
And the beach is quite empty
no one else was down there
Just me and the seagulls
the whole place to share


Photo – South Lancing beach at low tide looking towards Brighton, Sussex, UK – Jempics


Back in nineteen seventy-nine
all those years ago
With me in white, my bride in blue
we walked in sunshine slow
A promise made, sealed with a kiss
the entourage they laughed
and in that moment, with applauds
we were wed at last

A love that sparked with smear of clay
grew stronger every year
The laughter stayed, the children came
to fill our lives with cheer
Now almost forty years have passed
yet still in love are we
Thirty-nine upon this day
Our anniversary


Photo – Jem (of Jemverse) and his soulmate Sal on their wedding day – 7 July 1979 

Long Weekends

The welcome of the long weekend
when sun is shining
And, with coffee in hand
I smile to the day and
realise that I am not working


Photo – from #Jemverse on instagram, July 2018 – Jempics

To the river

There are steps to the water
and I don’t know why
Something with meaning
in times now passed by

Perhaps for a boatman
to access his craft
For trade on the river
to board fore and aft

Perhaps for some access
for folk who lived near
and needed to get
to the river right here

Suffice now to say
on this morning in June
it gives me a place
to hum a nice tune

and write down some words
of this place I have found
by the Thames here in Kew
with peace all around


Photo – the Thames at Kew, West London, UK – June 2018 – Jempics

New Day

In the sunshine
with coffee at the dawn of a day
One of the best ways
to start I would say


Photo – from #Jemverse on instagram, June 2018 – Jempics

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