New Year’s Eve

Last day’s here on New Year’s Eve
Twenty-sixteen breathes its last
The year of fifty-seven summers
fading quickly to the past

It leaves me with a good deal gained
although also with a cost
With Bowie, Prince and Leonard Cohen
and many other loved ones lost

So I’m looking forward to the next one
for some promise and good cheer
As there’s so much to look forward to
with the arrival of New Year



Dawn, day one and a promise

At the sunrise of
a new year’s dawn
I made a promise
with the morn
January’s here
it’s the first day
here to stay

A leap ahead
a one in four
three sixty-six
more days in store
A brand new start
with good intent
begins the year
with merriment

And even though
we have no clue
what days will bring
or what we’ll do
we can make a wish
upon a star
that the year will be


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