We’re sitting in Departures
waiting for our flight
We’re feeling quite excited
just like we were last night

We’ve sprayed expensive fragrance
from the duty-free display
and have had a lovely breakfast
to tide us on our way

We’ve even brought some presents
in case the gift shops when abroad
don’t have what we’re looking for
or are too pricey when on board

We have about an hour to fill
before we get on board our plane
then just over two hours flying time
before we land in sunny Spain


Photo – our Thompson Dreamliner at Gate 33, Gatwick Airport – Jempics
[‘Departures’ is 1 of 14 in the Jemverse ‘Iberian Treasures’ series]

  1. Departures (29/8/16)
  2. Malaga I (30/8/16)
  3. Gibraltar (31/8/16)
  4. Gibraltar II (1/9/16)
  5. All at sea (2/9/16)
  6. Lounging (3/9/16)
  7. Three sixty degree sea (4/9/16)
  8. Vigo (5/9/16)
  9. Atlantic Surge (6/9/16)
  10. In from the fog (7/9/16)
  11. Terracotta Rooftiles (8/9/16)
  12. Lisbon 36 (9/9/16)
  13. Seville (10/9/16)
  14. Malaga II (11/9/16)

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