We went down to Drusillas
for our anniversary
four of us this time, Bezza
Sally, Grace and me
There were parties of schoolchildren
but we made an escape bid
and marched on up ahead of them
so from the masses hid

Sal and I as senior citizens
got cheaper entry too
First time to take advantage
just for asking, as you do
And we made sure that we got there
when it opened on the dot
As that’s always best on days like this
especially when it’s hot

We saw marmosets and meercats
and penguins and anteaters
and goats and little horses
beavers, otters and some cheetahs
Capybara munching breakfast
Monkeys resting on their knees
some really laid back lemurs
and coatis climbing trees

It really was a special day
and we’re really pleased we came
As Drusillas is fantastic
and never quite the same
There’s always something different
to capture imagination
so it’s somewhere we return to
as it holds such fascination.


Photo – laid back black lemur – Drusillas zoo park, Alfriston, Sussex – Jempics



This week you’ll find me writing
about an animal each day
So here’s two Capybara
‘What’s that?’ I hear you say
The largest rodent in the world
and roughly four feet long
They’re related to the Cavie
and grunt or whistle for a song

And not so very long ago
I was honoured I’ll admit
to join some zoo staff for a day
and help them out a bit
Being there with Capybara
so graceful and so grand
Was a joy made even better
when I fed them both by hand




This week you’ll find me writing
about an animal each day
And though the choice is massive
Alpacas do deserve a say
And there are three here in particular
that I wanted to include
For as they made a special effort
not to do so would be rude

With early Beatles haircuts
these three called by to say hello
So we had a conversation
about this and that, you know
They stayed a while and ate some grass
whilst we had cups of tea
Just us and three alpacas
as one does nonchalantly




This week you’ll find me writing
about an animal each day
So, for Wednesday, here’s a mention
of the pig. ‘Hoorah!’ you say
A whoop indeed appropriate
for this most noble creature
Which I am proud to here include
and in this poem feature

This one is in the mud of course
and where else would he be?
For there is quite simply nowhere
better than a place ‘squelchy’
And I know that he is happy there
by the look upon his face
One of complete contentment
for he’s in his favourite place




This week you’ll find me writing
(continuing with a leap)
about an animal each day
and today concerns a sheep
We think of them as stupid
but I’m not having that at all
For I know they have intelligence
like this one on a wall

She’d jumped up there on purpose
to get across the other side
Where the grass was that much greener
and no gate she had espied
And that takes a bit of know-how
nay, intelligence, I’d say
Despite her haughty look
and her nonchalance, blasé




Animals, they’re wonderful
so many of them here
Always serve to cheer me up
whenever they are near
So this week you’ll find me writing
and starting here right now
about an animal each day
beginning with the cow

They really are quite special
(in particular their ears)
The little bovine faces
often bringing me to tears
So I will always say ‘hello’
when passing by a herd
And quite often they’ll reciprocate
with a ‘Moo’, if not a word



Mile Oak

Nestled underneath the downs
Mile Oak paves the way
So many opportunities
to choose from every day
We could take the path to Truleigh
climbing steep beside the field
Before things level out at Fulking
with fine views across the Weald

Or we could choose the little roundabout
The short circle to the farm
A little amble, short and sweet
with no hills to bring alarm
We could head up to the South Downs Way
and join it for a while
Head west towards the famous Ring
or west o’er fence and stile

Or we could simply sit and chat
Make friends with the donkey
Watch the ducks and chickens
with nice cake and cups of tea
Mile Oak has all this and more
It’s a very special place
One we’ll return to often
and our footsteps there retrace



“Hello” the lamb said loudly
as I was walking by
“I’d like it if you took some pics”
“Come on please, don’t be shy”

“Hey Pops” I heard my puppy say
“Come take a look at me”
“I’m sitting on a little stool”
“Come take a pic of me”

“Hi” the brown cow said
from deep within the herd
“If you don’t take a pic of me”
“It would be quite absurd”

I’m a sucker when it comes
to moments like all these
The ones that make you all say ‘Awww’
And bring you to your knees

I’m just pleased I had a camera
which, with the words I write
capture here today another
lovely life insight


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