Anticipation IV

October winds were howling
when October wasn’t here
as back in late September
I could tell the fall was near
And now the leaves are turning
the green it fades away
as a new season greets us
with each October day

Autumn makes its entrance
with new treasures here to see
the reds and golds around us
from the trees now falling free
And I for one will fill my boots
accepting invitation
for this exquisite rendering
with keen anticipation


Picture – ‘Autumn Splash 1’ – Jempics

Anticipation II

Anticipation lies waiting
as excitement grows
from the ends of my fingers
to the tips of my toes
And though all my children
are all grown up now
the magic’s stayed with us
and is stronger somehow

It’s particularly precious
for this year that has been
as all six of us share
Yuletide twenty-fifteen
We’re all ready and waiting
anticipation at bay
for the joys that will come
on this Christmas day


The first step

No hesitation here
No holding back
A firm foot forward
There’s nothing I lack
No niggling doubts
No worries or lows
No fear of unknown
No concerns and no woes

Anticipation abounds
Excitement and glee
The thrill of the moment
Encapsulates me
So my best foot goes forward
I am not mistaken
I have made the right choice
With the path I have taken



There are moments in soft summer days
when a whisper to the world
is all that’s needed when I wake
and the morning is unfurled

The sweet refrain of birdsong there
as the sunshine filters through
is enough for me to welcome
another day of something new

Anticipation breathes content
there’s a promise with the sun
and I venture out with purpose
as though my life had just begun


Yellow II

Yellow things are mostly there
to serve as a reminder
the fact that summer’s almost here
and is going to be a blinder!

There’s yellow in those daffodils
that arrive in early Spring
and yellow in that forsythia
with all the joy it brings.

There’s yellow in the sunshine
midst the cloudy days that pass
and yellow in the buttercups
and dandelions in the grass

There’s yellow all around me
A summer smile for every day
So I’m really looking forward to
the warmer yellow born of May


[A-Z April – day 25 – Y]

Quietness (haiku)

quietness, the solitude
of morning greets me


[A-Z April – day 17 – #Q]

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