Too hot for the beach

It’s too hot for the beach I think
so in the garden I will stay
relaxing in the sunshine
on this August Saturday

It’s closing in on ninety
and though cooler by the sea
the thought of walking down there
is a bit too much for me

So I’ll sit here in the sunshine
with ice lollies close at hand
and see more of this summer
which has turned out so grand


Photo – Jempics


Heat (haiku)

Sunshine glows golden
The summer of August shines
and heat continues


Photo – from #Jemverse on Instagram, August 2018 – Jempics

Twelve months eight

This poem starts a series
that will run through the year
A new one when the first
of every month is drawing near
And August starts it off
as it seemed the thing to do
No better place than summer
to begin a series, new

August is synonymous
with the height of summer sun
When days are at their hottest
and the holidays have come
And yes, I know that here in England
that’s sometimes not the case
As I’ve known Augusts (as have you)
when it’s chilly round the place

But I’m sure you’ll catch my meaning
as the intention is quite clear
That August brings a smile
because the holidays are here
Time to have a break from work
and maybe get away
Or simply lounge around the beach
as sunshine fills the day


Photo – Mediterranean August sunrise – Jempics

Bank Holiday

It’s Bank Holiday Monday
And it’s raining outside
But that was the forecast
So we’re not that surprised
Having said that, it’s August
And it should still be hot
So it’s somewhat annoying
To find that it’s not
We’re toasty inside though
With slippers and tea
And chocolate biscuits
And old films on TV
Perhaps come the morrow
The sun will be back
And we can get this summer
Back on its track.



In July when working
It was thirty-five plus
But now August it’s cooler
And I don’t want to fuss
But I could really do with
Some hot summer sun
As I’d like to be browner
When my holiday’s done.


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