Concluding the Jemverse series ’12 months V’ (12 of 12)

Another twelve month series done
now that August's finally come
but next month there'll be a new one
on Jemverse here for you

Twelve poems, one for every first
most for the best, some for the worst
but all well penned and all well versed
on Jemverse each one new

All published when the first comes round
that's the plan so all is sound
with words for each the poets' found
on Jemverse as you do


Photo – Jempics

[’12 Months VI’ starts on Jemverse on 1st September 2022]

Glad for gladioli II

The gladioli on our allotment
are growing very tall
and their variegated colour
looks lovely when we call

They make a pleasant change
from the vegetables we grow
and have varying success with
through the year as well you know

And today with August sunshine
so lovely did they look
which I'm pleased to say I captured
in the photograph I took


Photo – Jempics

August Undecided

August undecided
change and fickle shows
with one day sun but next of rain
so no-one really knows
Summer warmth remains though
a constant there to hold
at least for the time being
before it turns to cold

But I'm not all that bothered
so with all that August brings
I'll still enjoy each day it gives
as my voice always sings
August undecided
but there's a mystery here
as no-one knows what to expect
around this time of year


Photo – Jempics

Going home

From a night on the streets
he returned in the sun
sniffing at something
he'd found on the run
The sun was now bright
and the new day was dawning
so it was back to his den
on this fine summer morning

His tail was quite splendid
all bushy and free
and he made sure to show it
as he wandered by me
Just time for a photo
before he went on his way
of this lovely young fox
on this fine August day


Photo – Jempics

A day in August

And just as I thought 'It's cooler today'
the sun put its hat on and said
"I'll have none of that, here's the summer you need"
and shone down warm on my head

So I gave it a wave with a nonchalant glance
which I knew it would see by the way
as I settled down to the summer I knew
on this lovely warm August day


Photo – Jempics

Beginning XII

12 of 12 in the Jemverse ’12 months IV’ series

Forty-eight beginnings later
first of August twenty-one
the last one in this series
now twelve months since begun
But not (you will be pleased to hear)
the last one here for good
for I'll begin a brand new series 
next month here (you knew I would)

For now though first of August
summer twenty twenty-one
when I'll be out most every day
beneath the golden sun
Finding things to write about
from all that life will give
as I experience it each day
and by its pleasure live


Photo – Jempics

Every year, on the first of each month, Jemverse runs an annual 12-poem-long series. Today culminates the 4th. “12 months V” starts on 1st September 2021.

First XII

Concluding the Jemverse ’12 months III’ series [12 of 12]

Inevitably August time
when this month comes around
would see us looking forward
to a holiday we’d found
Somewhere hot and balmy
and usually on a ship
far across the ocean
for our destination trip

But this year it is staycation
abroad will have to wait
maybe next year in twenty-one
yes, that would be great
This year it’s way too risky
and the cruise ships are all banned
so we will stay on England’s shore
in this green, pleasant land

And if the August weather
stays kind and brings the sun
the beach will be the place to go
until each day is done
So I’m ending this long series
First of August, end of year
with hope for days of sunshine
which always bring good cheer


Photo – Jempics

[The ’12 months III’ series, concluding today, comprises twelve poems published on the 1st of each month starting with 190901. A new year-long series starts next month with ‘Beginning I’]

Tri-haiku XXIII (August)

The comfort of a
quiet morning in summer
August in England

Writing at first light
and then, as the sun rises
Chorus of the dawn

Welcomes in the day
as I do in readiness
with August sunshine


Photo – Jempics

This time last year

This time last year in August
we were flyng to Croatia
heading Adriatic way
with a dosage of asphasia

In French I am quite fluent
Greek and Spanish understood
and we’d manage with Italian
I’m pretty sure we could

But this was the furthest we had come
save Turkey for a a day
Cruising Adriatic sea
in the best cruising way

It was a most fantastic week
and we loved the time we spent
on board the Celebration
as to Venice there we went

But this year we decided
a staycation was the thing
as the weather here in England
many hot days it can bring

So we’ll be on our beach in Sussex
with some ice cold beers and sun
still having quite the best of times
til holidays are done


Photo – Venice (August 2018) – Jempics

Raining in August

This year we decided
not to travel to sun
but enjoy it at home for a change
But perhaps that decision
now with some derision
with hindsight, we should rearrange

For instead of the sun
we’ve enjoyed up to now
it’s turned cooler and rained every day
Just one of those things
that August it brings
which we’ll enjoy here anyway


Photo – Jempics

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