Aspects of Gold II

Part 2 of 3

On the footbridge returning
from a day on the beach
there’s a place where I stand
that’s within easy reach
to envelop myself
in the colours I see
and gaze out in wonder
as it falls around me

For here there are moments
to capture and hold
as each sunset settles
to aspects of gold


Photo – from #Jemverse on Instagram, September 2018 – Jempics


The tree was so majestic
and very, very tall
So when I stood beneath it
I felt very, very small
The mass of green above me
with branches spreading wide
overpowered my senses
and I felt small inside

I felt in awe and humble
in the presence of such might
with me so insignificant
so tiny and so slight
Yet here was no malevolence
as, whilst I gazed above
I felt the beauty of that power
embraced in arms of love



The Purple Tree

The tree was purple, all lit up
in the middle of the night
Came across it suddenly
all shiny there and bright

Spent a good few moments
beneath its leafy boughs
In awe of its magnificence
emotions to arouse

Prince there of the woodland
the homage paid by this
illumination glorified
was beautifully amiss


The purple tree was part of the ‘For the Birds’ experience at this May’s Brighton Festival. For more about that, see this.


Sunrise embrace

Along the western esplanade
out across the sea
A golden winter promise
reached out its arms to me
So I stood a little while
awestruck and swathed in grace
as it wrapped its arms around me
in a sunrise warm embrace
Reaching from horizon
it touched me like a kiss
And in a lingering moment
I felt the pleasure of its bliss


Sunrise – sedoka

The horizon gold
A new winter day dawns with
sun rising over the sea

And I stand in awe
An exquisite moment caught
to carry me through the day


Day 5 of 7 in the Jemverse ‘Six Lines’ event – a sedoka a day for 7 days.

A Sedoka is an unrhymed poem of Japanese origin comprising two three-lined Katauta. A Sedoka has a syllabic sequencing of 5/7/7, 5/7/7.

For another excellent Sedoka – check out ‘Ocean’s Tears’ from The Poetry Channel

When swans fly

When swans fly it is with grace
sustained with effort there
Slender necks streamlined in flight
elite and debonair

When swans fly I stand in awe
and marvel at the sound
made with their happy whooping cry
the sweetest song around

When swans fly I find myself
laughing loud with joy
Exquisite in these moments shared
since I was just a boy

When swans fly their majesty
transfers from ground to sky
As below so too above
with beauty as they fly


Photo – Roisabborrar, DeviantArt, 2015

River of gold

Gold upon the river today
glistening on water below
as it moves towards the ocean
on its daily tidal flow

There is magic here and wonder
together with a sense of awe
almost like the first time
this morning scene I saw

Open mouthed I pause a while
as it’s never lost on me
The wonder of the sunshine here
on the river and the sea



Teardrops fall

In the silence of a morning
I thought I heard a cry
A quiet and gentle sobbing
As I wandered slowly by

Then, evident there upon the red
of berries in a tree
Suspended natural teardrops
right there in front of me

Enraptured by the beauty
I felt another teardrop fall
as I stood and wept with nature
at the wonder of it all



I stepped inside a masterpiece
with reds and oranges and
yellows liberally added
by Nature’s abstract hand

I didn’t know which way to turn
for there was wonder everywhere
so I simply turned in circles
to absorb the glory there



Tears to the eye

DSCN1263 - Version 2

As I walked the long mile
By the dawn’s early light
I was privileged to witness
A spectacular sight
So with camera in hand
With a click and a prayer
I captured the moment
That I witnessed right there

I really hoped that the image
Would tell some of the story
Of the wonder and awe
Felt with that morning’s glory
And the sunrise I witnessed
In that cool morning breeze
As I felt my breath taken
And was brought to my knees

The sun’s rise over Brighton
In a pink morning haze
One of the best I have seen
In all of my days
A sight I can say
With no word of a lie
Was enough in that moment
To bring tears to the eye


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