Bequeathed by Grace revisited

7 of 10 in the ‘Brittle 23’ series

Bereft of foliage great trees stand
proudly gracing England’s land
There amongst the winter green
the rolling landscape clearly seen
And pausing here before this view
we are completely thrilled anew
This is England where we live
where nature has so much to give
And we feel a peace when in this place
bequeathed to us by simple grace


series pic – Jempics

[Bequeathed by Grace was first posted in January 2016]


Sussex Trug

Got a Sussex Trug on Father's day
an antique one as well
it really is quite beautiful
and though not keen to dwell
it's something I have wanted
for as long as I recall
something made in Sussex
and from local wood and all

And this one in particular
as Sussex Trugs they be
is absolutely gorgeous
and just perfect here for me
So I will use it for my lavender
when harvest comes around
and other times for carrying
other things I've found

It'll work for the allotment
and also for the beach
so I'll make sure my Sussex Trug
remains in easy reach
For here no decoration
for this thing of beauty made
but put to use to honour both
the craftsman and his trade


Photo – Jempics

A Sussex Trug is a wooden frame basket almost peculiar to a small region in East Sussex and originating in the 1500s.  The handle and rim are of locally coppiced Sweet Chestnut, body is formed of willow boards and the feet of the same willow.

Traditionally used by local farmers and market gardeners for harvesting produce, measuring and feeding livestock they are now more generally used in the home and garden.

Perfection in pink again

8 of 12 in ‘The Spring 21’ series

The clematis against the fence

of the allotment in Ham Field

has many words which may describe

the beauty here revealed

But I’ll keep it nice and simple

the best way here I think

and simply say in these eight lines

perfection’s here in pink


Photo – Jempics

Perfection in Pink‘ first published on Jemverse in April 2017

Magical III

It’s magical this snow-cast light
the icing sugar dust
as slowly things are covered
and capture it I must

Iron-chill the Northern blast
makes minus five feel raw
yet still the child within me yearns
for snow on snow and more

Househound here the nation wanes
to bleak midwinter flow
But doesn’t really mind because
there’s nowhere else to go

So gazing whimsically outside
as whiteness thickens there
we welcome inner child-like glee
and in this beauty share


Photo – Sally Croucher

The beauty of a tree


Silhouetted in the sun
the tree in centre field
stands proud of the water
and looks out to the Weald

And out here east of Steyning
on this lovely winter day
I felt so glad to be alive
I shouted loud ‘hooray’!

Life is made for moments
like this, singular and free
especially when confronted by
the beauty of a tree


Photo – Jempics

Frosted Teazles

The teasels through the fence
had had a frosting overnight
and now in three-tree field
they were caught in pale sunlight
And as the sheep in lower field
paused and looked so I did too
to gaze upon this wonder
well, you would now, wouldn’t you?

For this is winter glory
at its best despite the cold
essential here to capture
so the story can be told
And I trust that you’ll appreciate
both the picture and prose
of the treasure in that moment
in the field there as I froze


Photo – Jempics

The cast of winter’s die

The teezles look to fields beyond
lacklustre yet still fine
whilst sheep in woolly jumpers
graze the green on which they dine

Winter shrugs its shoulders
resolute to Nature’s hand
as hibernating creatures rest
in England’s pleasant land

And though the winter die is cast
the beauty here shines through
as Spring lies waiting in the wings
to bring about the new


Photo – Jempics

Reflection the raindrop

Reflection the raindrop
there in the field
where gathered water falls
and, caught in a moment
with a tear in my eye
I am enamoured as
Mother Nature’s beauty calls


Photo – Jempics

With beauty

Night clouds in December sky
hide the moon as it floats by
eliciting from me a sigh
at its beauty here

Pausing here to look up high
my eyes they really can’t stay dry
as tears of joy I freely cry
for its beauty here

This ambiance I can’t deny
with wonder here hard to defy
or deign to sort or classify
to its beauty here

So I’ll not try to specify
or even here to quantify
but simply look to magnify
with its beauty here


Photo – Jempics

Golden II

In the churchyard there’s a tree
which is golden at this time
particularly lovely when
on days like this it’s fine
I’m thinking it is magical
with a secret proud to share
showing off its wonder here
to all who stop and stare

And that really is quite difficult
not to do I feel unless
you really need to be some place
and haven’t time I guess
But if you have a moment
to pause here for a mo
it’s sure to leave you breathless
at the glory here on show


Photo – Jempics

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