Suited and booted

I don’t know where they were going
all suited and booted and fine
But the pleasure of seeing them pass me by
was singularly mine
Seven o’clock in the morning
with London as quite as could be
A horse and carriage on Birdcage Walk
slowly passing by me

I watched as they reached the corner
and turned into Horse Guards Parade
the sound of the hooves on the tarmac
with the memory, starting to fade
And with regality epitomised
if only for a little while
The pomp and flair of yesteryear
certainly brought a smile


Flowers in St James’

The end of June, St James’ Park
first thing in the morning
London’s just awaking
and most people are still yawning
But here the sun is shining
and there are squirrels out at play
Whilst early morning joggers
pass me panting on the way
The flower banks on Birdcage Walk
are full of colour, and the light
especially at this time of day
make for a lovely sight
It’s enough to bring a smile
as I wander through this city
Just a shame that I am here for work
and not for pleasure, more’s the pity


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