Bendigedig (blessed)

My lovely wife, my children
My dogs both near and far
My music and my poetry
My lovely 'Duster' car
My beach hut by the lovely sea
My allotment down the road
My garden and my lavender
My Shoreham town abode
My health and my abundance
My happiness, my zest
My joie de vivre, my total joy
My bendigedig, the blessed


Photo – Jempics

‘Bendigedig’ is Welsh for ‘blessed’

Blessed and content

It doesn’t take much

in fact not much at all

to make something feel

quite so wonderful

So out here in the sun

I am blessed and content

summed up in a moment

and every word meant


Photo – Jempics

The Sun

The sun had its hat on today
as it woke with a smile on its face
and made the decision that today was the day
to make itself known ’round the place

It began as it does in the East
by painting a splash in the sky
some red and some gold and some yellow and blue
as it waved at the night passing by

And then as the people awoke
it climbed up high to the blue
and beamed wide over all that it saw down below
as it shone and sparkled anew

The sun brought a spring and a zest
and the day was a good one for all
so it was with a sadness that the people they waved
a goodbye as it started to fall

In late afternoon the sun moved
as it does to sink in the West
and with a sunset to die for it waved a goodbye
leaving all feeling happy and blessed




Felt blessed down on the beach front
as night time slipped away
And through the clouds out to the East
the sunshine met the day

Golden over water there
far as my eye could see
A really big sky, colour-filled
came and welcomed me



Counting my blessings

Started counting my blessings
but the task it is tough
Soon ran out of fingers
two hands not enough
One for each friend
and there are many of those
Far more than my fingers
and even my toes

There are family members
my children and wife
The list it is endless
so full is my life
There’s the beach and the sea
the hills and the river
made in fair Sussex country
by God the great giver

There’s my two lovely dogs
my garden and home
Down in Shoreham-by-Sea
Where I oft like to roam
There’s my music collection
and music itself
Laughter and living and
reasonable health

I have so many blessings
the task’s hard to surmount
My list’s virtually endless
so I’ve given up with the count
But I’ll tell you one thing
and you can have this for free
All blessings are treasures
That’s a lesson from me


Sets the sun

Sets the sun o’er golden evening
Summer’s soft call now
the heat of day slip-slides away
Cooling now, my brow

Golden painted water glistens
and seagulls on the wing
hover lazy, almost sleeping
as evening songbirds sing

This is the stuff that dreams are made of
Contented smiles attest
All I could hope for, and I’m here
A man who’s truly blessed


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