We’re off (at last)

And so the waiting’s finally over
the day is here at last
As I go walking with my brother
On the South Downs for a blast

We’ll be out of Wi-Fi contact
So my blog might take a hit
But I know my loyal followers
won’t mind a little bit

For they know that when I’m able
I’ll regale them with some lines
about our walks in Sussex countryside
Having the very best of times


Summer for a day

Yesterday the sunshine brought
us out in summer gear
Yet today it’s pouring down with rain
and is chill again, I fear
Still – I’m really not complaining
for yesterday was worth a lot
as it served as a reminder
of what it’s like when it is hot

We were outside in the garden
on our loungers lying down
with the fragrance of the grass I’d cut
as our pale skin turned to brown
It was summer for a little while
and it caused us to reflect
that now it’s May it’s likely
that much more we can expect


Quiet and unassuming

As a poet I find pleasure
in writing every day
Capturing a moment
about life in such a way
that when I read my words
back quietly on reflection
they take on board a meaning
to inspire with recollection

Quiet and unassuming
I publish daily on my blog
something I have written
which then acts as a log
Sharing just a little
with anyone who cares to read
Wherever they may be worldwide
in whatever life they lead

Sometimes they might add a ‘like’
and then, once in a while
might add a little comment
or a pictographic ‘smile’
It’s always very humbling
when I read what people say
Makes me proud to be a poet
as it brightens up my day

So I will keep on writing
because that is what I am
It’s something that I need to do
and I write because I can
Finding ways to capture life
in words which mostly rhyme
Then sharing these with you out there
to read from time to time


Day 17 in the ‘Blogging from A-Z challenge


Yesterday as I waited
in a hotel’s busy lobby
writing a new poem which
’til now has been a hobby
A thought occurred and took good form
as a proactive pre-condition
to publish a collection
as has long been my ambition

I’ll still use my social media
and my Jemverse blog of course
For the joy of writing daily
is best released at source
But research now for outlets
in the e-world and elsewhere
is a need I feel I must fulfil
as I have much to share




Walking out this morning
I felt close to end of tether
As, despite the fact that it’s now June
We still have inclement weather

The wind is blowing from the north
and, although the sun shines bright
my hands and toes feel just as cold
as they do in winter’s blight

But, fickle though the weather is
The forecasters have it right
As they’ve promised summer will return
when the weekend is in sight


June II

The month of summer solstice
Midsummer’s day and Thursday’s child
Is here at last, I’m pleased to say
So on this day I smiled

That’s not to say of course that I
Don’t smile on other days
It’s just that June’s my favourite month
In many different ways

A Thursday’s child in fifty-nine
So too again this year
Six and fifty summers seen
As I applaud and cheer

I’ll leave it up to you to guess
On which Thursday that day falls
But I think a beer will feature
When my birthday evening calls

And if the sunshine smiles that day
The beach is where I’ll be
To celebrate another year
By my favourite place, the sea



Lancing Beach II

Lightest of breeze
Salt on the air
Sounds of frivolity
From the sand there
Green on the shingle
Cabbage White
Occasional bird
In lazy flight

Blue of the sky
Blue of the sea
Soft fluffy cloud
Soft buzzing bee
There in the distance
Worthing pier
Sometimes hazy
Sometimes clear

Moored out to sea
The Fishing boats
Keeping safe distance
As swimmers float
And out to the east
is Brighton’s sprawl
Its highrise buildings
Standing tall

This is my haven
For summers’ spent
And here I’m at
My most content
So perfect now
The weather’s fine
Is Lancing Beach
In summertime



There are moments in soft summer days
when a whisper to the world
is all that’s needed when I wake
and the morning is unfurled

The sweet refrain of birdsong there
as the sunshine filters through
is enough for me to welcome
another day of something new

Anticipation breathes content
there’s a promise with the sun
and I venture out with purpose
as though my life had just begun


Beeching’s Blunder II

Caught the train as usual
but travelled back in time
The years slipped by like miles
along the Horsham line
The steeped and cut embankment
rebuilt and clear again
As clattering past the Shoreham points
sped my old steam train

The by-pass it had vanished
as the trackbed took its place
And I passed through Bramber station
with a sense of pride and grace
The tree-lined cutting past the castle
Steyning station’s smoke-clad bridge
Then up the line to Henfield
along the Adur valley ridge

My train slowed into ‘Beechings’
Henfield’s ironic testament
to the axing of a way of life
by a sixties government
The Cat and Canary station pub
Afforded interlude
Not pausing there for half a pint
Would have been a little rude

Then back through the Adur flood plains
my trip through time took me
Unfettered views across the valley
to the hills and out to sea
Thought, in sixty years this landscape
will not be recognised
And people passing through today
would be dumbfounded and surprised

It was a journey of nostalgia
the years now lost in time
the passing of the age of steam
along the Horsham line
And as twenty-fifteen brought me back
Across some sixty years
The memory of that long-lost time
Brought with it several tears



Following a report written by Dr Richard Beeching for the UK Government in 1965, around 5000 miles of track and 2,363 stations of branchline railway in the UK were axed. A way of life ended and the lifeline to hundreds of villages was cut off forever. All in the name of progress. Now, over 50 years later, many of the axed line routes have since reopened as footpaths and bridleways. One of these covers the length of what was once the Horsham and Guildford branch-line in Sussex. Its route remains but many of its stations have since been lost to commerce and time, the landscape ever changing. ‘Beechings’ in Henfield (for example) was once a thriving station and goods yard but is now a housing estate.

Sets the sun

Sets the sun o’er golden evening
Summer’s soft call now
the heat of day slip-slides away
Cooling now, my brow

Golden painted water glistens
and seagulls on the wing
hover lazy, almost sleeping
as evening songbirds sing

This is the stuff that dreams are made of
Contented smiles attest
All I could hope for, and I’m here
A man who’s truly blessed


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