My blue seat

This seat out in the garden
like my neckerchief is blue
so I’ll often come and lie here
in the sunshine as you do
It’s perfect for my little legs
to lie on and relax
quite thoughtful of my humans
to provide for little chaps


Photo – Me (Obi Wan Kinobi) on my blue seat – Jempics

Three Fortresses

Part 19 of 20 in ‘The Aegean Shores’ series

Corfu and three fortresses
to complete our holiday
The sea one and the land one
in the old town on the bay
And then through cobbled streets
to the new one on the wall
(The amount of steps I’ve climbed today
I’d rather not recall)
But the climbs were really worth it
as, rewarded with a view
Such as to take your breath away
‘neath Aegean skies of blue


[This is part 19 of a 20-part series charting a seven-day cruise with Tui from 11-18 August 2017, travelling from London to Corfu, then Kalamata (Greece), Santorini, Rhodes, Crete, Piraeus (Greece), Kefalonia, Corfu and London, some 3,870 nautical miles]

Blue Five

Seven colours, seven days
It’s blue today for me
The fifth one in the rainbow
and the colour of the sea

A place as much a part of me
as I am part of it
which by its calming waters
I will often simply sit

A place which always brings a peace
at any time of year
and somewhere I go often
as I live so very near



Part 5 of 7 – ‘The rainbow series’

Handful of yellow

I had a handful of yellow
but I let it all go
and now I’ll not find it
’til Springtime I know
It was careless of me
for I had it right there
like a smile on the breeze
just ready to share
But now I must wait
for the winter is here
and the palette has changed
to something more clear
In my hand now is blue
the colour of ice
A far cry from the warmth
but still rather nice


My summertime delight

It caught me by surprise today
so bright it made me squint
when throwing wide the curtains
through the window with a glint

And later on I spied the sea
deep blue and very bright
The sun, the sky, the ocean clear
my summertime delight


As above, so below

As above, so here below
blue sky and deep blue sea
The gently turning silent waves
creep up to welcome me
In this place, that sweetest voice
sings out the quiet refrain
as on this shingle here I stand
upon my beach again



I’m in my favourite place
with a beer close at hand
the sky is clear blue
sun’s glistening on sand
The tide’s going out
there’s a warm, gentle breeze
and I can feel the sun’s warmth
on my legs and my knees
There’s a haze over Brighton
with Seven Sisters in view
the beach huts are open
several painted anew
The sea is reflecting
the deep blue of the sky
with bright coloured boats
sailing gracefully by
Down here on the beach
it’s just me and the sea
which to my mind is always
the best place to be


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