Bluebell II

Bluebell the gorgeous
blooms into May
as the warmth of the sunshine
stays through each day
and in splendour and pride
it appears every year
from an ancient woodland
still evident here
it grows in my garden
and brings pleasure to me
for colour so blue
here daily to see


Photo – Jempics

Mother Nature (3) – Bluebell

Celebrating nature over
seven vibrant days
Her hand of wonder covered
in seven different ways

For day three it is the bluebell
another flower of Spring
which with new growth in April
many promises will bring

A little peel of little bells
A chime to mark the hour
that winter’s lost its hold on us
and summer has the power


From 3 through 10 December, Jemverse has seven poems to celebrate Mother Nature’s hand – a different wonder every day. 


In winter I’m dormant
biding my time
But come Spring I emerge
when the weather is fine
Then I’ll mirror the sky
as my vibrant blue grows
when I blossom and flourish
and my true beauty shows
But as summer begins
I’ll return to the ground
to sleep for a while
’til next Spring comes round
I am Bluebell and lovely
and though my lifetime is slight
You’ll remember my presence
For I am Springtime’s delight


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