Bluebell tanka

Bluebells in sunshine
Indicative of April
raise their lovely heads
and with prelude to laughter
dance as Spring looks to Summer


Photo – Jempics

First Bluebells

Saw my first bluebells
in the sunshine today
Quite close to the river
down Old Shoreham way
All there in a cluster
with joy to regale
growing wild by the wayside
Beside the old trail


Photo – Jempics

Day Two (Truleigh Hill to Ditching Beacon))

I guess around this time of year
there really has to be
a shot of bluebells in the woods
for they’re wonderful to see

And there they were at Stanmer
at the tail end of day two
When we had walked ’round thirteen miles
Quite wonderful to view

A lovely thing for us to find
as we walk these Sussex ways
and lots more of that still to come
within the next three days


Over five days, starting Tuesday 2 May, my brother and I are walking the second half of the South Downs Way – from Washington in West Sussex to Eastbourne in East Sussex. Day two was from Truleigh Hill to Ditching Beacon.

That bluebell time

It’s that bluebell time again
they come up every year
Around the end of April time
when the summer time is near

We seem to have a bumper crop
which is fine my me, I’d say
Particularly as they last a while
At least well into May

They’re protected now in England
so we’re really pleased by that we
can promulgate that here by leaving
our bluebells to be



The gift of May

A poem for Maytime
sitting out in the sun
The warmer air tells us
Springtime’s begun
There are dandelions
buttercups, daisies too
growing there in the grass
with the bells of blue
And the fragrance is there
breathe it deep, take it in
For it tells us that summer
is about to begin



Today I sat out in the sunshine
for the first time so far this year
The bluebells had made an appearance
It was lovely out there with a beer
I gave the long grass a hair cut
and breathed its fresh fragrance in
It was all a bit magnificent
said the smile behind my wide grin


Day 13 in the ‘Blogging from A-Z challenge

Vibrant Blue

Vibrant splash of vivid blue
Wild, untamed and bright
Bluebells in my garden
Are a welcome sight
Greeting me as May takes hold
Their constancy remains
A testament to their language
So admirably explained


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