Early morning sunrise
on the river smooth and flat
So I had to pause a while
and take a photograph of that
The boats of Shoreham harbour club
Hulls gleaming in the sun
Resplendent here this morning
on a day that’s just begun

I really am a lucky chap
to see this every day
on my daily ride to work
mere words cannot portray
Suffice to say the pleasure
is not lost at all on me
For I’m really very thankful
to live in Shoreham by the sea


Saving a picture

Boats on the horizon
on a shimmering sea
the sun above is shining
rather brilliantly

I am on the shoreline
wandering along
my feet deep in the shingle
my heart deep in a song

There is a seagull calling
on a whispering wave
as I find the words I need
this picture here to save


Nighttime falls on Portsmouth

Nighttime falls across the Solent
seen from Gunwharf Quay
On the Portsmouth waterfront
looking out to sea

Sunset in the Western sky
Gosport across the way
at the end of what for us has been
another lovely day

I don’t think we will ever tire
of this maritime fine view
For every time we visit here
we see something that is new


Home II

Crossing the bridge of a morning
the river reaching down to the sea
With boats there at rest, a reminder
that this is just where I wanted to be

Its meandering tidal waters
change with each ebb and each flow
And with the silver band of the sea out there
there is no place that I’d rather go

This is Shoreham-by-Sea in Sussex
and of everywhere else I have known
It has everything I’ve always wanted
so I’m proud to call it my home



Riverside view

On the river at Shoreham
the water is clear
In this place that I love
and hold very dear
The boats on the mudflats
with the tide on the turn
Lie at rest by the pontoons
with bow against stern

And I stand for a moment
by the riverside flow
Where the blue of the sky
is reflected below
A view that is very
familiar to me
Yet never to tire of
at Shoreham-by-Sea



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