Three years…

My birthday bonsai's ready
with its little seeds now sewn
the long haul now the waiting
as three years til it is grown
But I have plenty patience
and contented I will wait
watching as it prospers
and will then anticipate
what when 24 comes round
and sixty-five am I
my little tree will look like
from this my new bonsai


Photo – Jempics

Bonsai Back

My bonsai has bounced back
He’s looking pretty good
He has lots and lots of greenery
And looks just as he should

I was starting to get worried
Back in December as he was
For his leaves had mostly fallen
And he was pretty sad because

he was looking almost pitiful
As though he’d given in
But now he’s back to glory
And I am really proud of him

I thinks it’s been the music
I have played him every day
He really likes the blues
As they’ve driven his away

I’m pleased I have my bonsai back
And I hope I always will
For it’s good to have him sitting there
On my bedroom window sill


My bonsai is a Zanthoxylum Piperitum (Chinese pepper tree) and is around 15-20 years old.

Better days

My bonsai has seen better days
He looks a bit like how I feel
Ailing somewhat at the mo
But hoping soon to heal

I think there’s sign of new growth there
With little shoots of green
He just needs a bit more TLC
Before he’s back to where he’s been


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