A weekend away

We’re travelling down to Hampshire
for a mini-holiday
We don’t do this very often
so it’s nice to get away

Staying close to Lyndhurst
the New Forest all around
Taking wellington boots in case
it’s soggy on the ground

Found some dog-friendly watering holes
and a hotel for a nap
Plotted out some walking routes
and marked them on the map

We’re only going for a night
but that will be just fine
For there’s lots for us to see and do
and have a lovely time


Long weekend

Took a long weekend off as I needed a break
Spreadsheets can go take a hike
I’ll have a walk on the beach, say hello to the sea
Or go for a ride on my bike

Started off Thursday with a daughter in tow
To Tescos where I got a new book
‘The Taxidermist’s Daughter’ for only eight quid
It’s by Kate Mosse so go take a look

And now, as the weather has turned for the worse
We’ve donned slippers and put up our feet
We’ll watch some TV, have a read for a while
And later on have something to eat

It’s been a good start to my five-day break
But nice to think there are four more to come
It’s good now and then to find some respite
Let your hair down and simply have fun


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