Stopham Bridge III

In Sussex there’s a bridge
Built in fourteen twenty-two
now closing on six hundred years
since its fine stones were new
It spans the river Arun
near Stopham Village where
it’s provided here a crossing
for local folk to share

And it is I think my favourite place
in Sussex where I live
somewhere I’ll return to and
to it my homage give
For it brings me an exuberance
of pure unbridled joy
I’ve had the pleasure of repeating
ever since I was a boy


Photo – Stopham Bridge, Sussex, UK – Jempics

Newcastle bridges

It’s bitter cold in Newcastle
Here on the River Tyne
But from my waterfront hotel
The view I have is fine

The High Level bridge, train on top
The Swing bridge just in view
The landmark of the Tyne bridge there
Blending old with new

Devoid now of its shipping past
Coal loaders long time gone
This twenty-first century river
Sings a brand new song

And shivering in these frigid winds
Snow shards in my face
I pause just long enough to see
The grandeur of this place



We wondered if it was a wind-up
Gathering people there to stare
But no, the bridge was really opening
For the pleasure of all there
Men in yellow jackets
Closed the gates at either side
Then the middle started moving
‘Til it was open really wide
We wondered what would happen
If it broke when opened up
‘Cos then the men in yellow jackets
In the middle would be stuck
But that was not a problem
For the mechanism new
Moved the middle span back seamlessly
Restoring our bridge view.


Stopham Bridge

The White Hart’s closed at Stopham Bridge
And no-one’s serving there
We were looking forward to that pint
And some wholesome country fayre
No matter though, the bridge remains
As always, ‘cross the Arun
A protected ancient monument now
A little sad, bereft and barren
Once a thoroughfare for all
On the Petworth Road Turnpike
Its transepts now reserved for tourists
Taking Selfies and suchlike.


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