Tri-haiku XXXI (Daffodil Laughter)

A vibrant greeting
bursting in Springtime yellow
sunshine to my day

A splash of colour
to the monotone palette
of winter greyness

Daffodil laughter
brightens up most any day
Truly infectious


Photo – Jempics


A treasure in my garden
left over from the rain
Fortune paid a visit
and little diamonds came
Reflected in the sunshine
of a morning new and bright
Bequeathing there an opulence
from rain that fell last night



Thought of a candle
Flickering away
It’s flame burning brightly
And holding no sway

Encouraging image
To have and to hold
In this lingering winter
And these days of ‘the cold’

A candle brings brightness
Eschewing the night
Heralds hope for the summer
Though not yet in sight


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