Married on a birthday

Went to a birthday party
in Surrey, Saturday night
took us a while to get there
but that was quite alright

Loud cheers when we got there
the celebrations had begun
so we hurried there to join them
so we'd not miss out the fun

And we found the cheers had purpose
for the birthday and for now
as my brother had got married
on his birthday with a vow

Charles and Geoff now family proper
overjoyed does not come close
celebrating birthday marriage
on this day to juxtapose

I am a proud and elder brother
this is the best news in a while
exuberant jubilation
evident within my smile


Photo – Emily Rose Croucher – Charles & Geoff Croucher/Hack

Thoughts of walking

My brother sent a text
reminding me to book
some dates in May when
we’ll take another look
and with a best foot forward
and packs and beating heart
we’ll head into the Sussex hills
another walk to start

These are for days of talking
and taking in the view
of muddying our boots
and the walking things we do
These are for camaraderie
and sheltering from the rain
and walking with my brother
in the Sussex hills again


Photo – Jempics


We traversed Seven Sisters
high cliffs above the sea
Clear blues skies and sunshine
my brother Dave and me
There were lots of foreign students
around the tourist traps
but we left them all behind us
as we walked on, us two chaps

Down to Cuckmere Haven
a picture postcard made
then into Friston Forest
‘neath the trees and in the shade
And finally to Alfriston
(It’s good to be back here)
Shed the packs and to the pub
for a very welcome beer


Every year in May, my brother Dave and I go for a week-long walk. We’ve been elsewhere but most times, the draw of the wonderful South Downs Way – out there on our doorstep – keeps us close to home. Day 2 took us 13 miles from Eastbourne to Alfriston.

The weatherman’s promise

If the weatherman is right
about what will happen here this week
It’s going to get much warmer
and that is just the news we seek
For the waiting’s almost over
and in just a few more days
We’ll be heading off to Hampshire
to walk the South Downs Ways

We’ve been planning this for several months
and have collected all the gear
For the walking that we brothers do
around this time of year
Sixty miles (or thereabouts)
in a week with just us two
Up there on the open hills
Just doing what we do

It will be fun (we’re sure of that)
But it will be much better
If every day we stay quite dry
instead of getting wetter
And if the sunshine that is here today
stays with us for good cheer
We’re sure to raise a glass or two
each evening with a beer


Walking Sussex 1

Today we walked from Ring to Ring beneath a leaden sky

The sun shone bright despite the threat of rainfall by and by

Plans long laid, fruition saw a walk unlike no other

With smile and gusto Crouchers went, friends yes, but also brothers

Cissbury came and Cissbury went, rain followed sun with thunder

But in between the blue skies came and Chanctonbury wonder

Thirteen miles of Sussex hill, more on the morrow too

The weather promising much less rain and some good high pressure too.


©Jemverse (12 May 2014)



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