Old Buckingham walls

Part of the ‘past to present’ series from Jemverse

As a boy I used to play there
inside the burnt out walls
for hide n seek and other games
within its hallowed halls
once we ventured to the basement
down dark and dusty stair
oblivious to danger
with innocence to dare
But now all these years later
it is a block of flats
though with outer walls remaining
preserved and still intact


Photo – the east & south elevations of the old Buckingham House today – Jempics

[The original Buckingham House was built in 1655 but extensively remodelled in 1808. When its last owner passed away in 1905 it stood empty until 1910 when dry rot and fire destroyed it. The remains were in ruins until 1962/63 when plans for the new and existing Woodview Court were proposed within its north and west elevations. Building of the new flats was completed in the late 1960s, the east and south elevations preserved as a part of the planning permission granted].


In Buckingham’s expansive green
Stands an ancient chestnut tree
Its gnarled and massive girth attests
to the ages it has seen

As a sapling it was planted
two hundred years ago
To line the driveway leading
to the grand house portico

The house now long a ruin
the drive no longer there
Yet the chestnut stands in parkland
which the public now all share

It’s seen many generations
pass by over time
Yet here in twenty-fifteen still
Remains and in its prime


Shoreham’s original Buckingham House was built c.1655 and, although now long since laid to ruin, this proud chestnut survives. The only one of many planted either side of a long carriageway leading up to the grand portico of the old house as a part of its 1820 rebuild across what is now Buckingham Park. Part of the original 1820 facade of the house survives, complete with its east-facing portico. But, due to a still unforgivable oversight of early 1960’s planning permission, a block of flats was built in its interior. This now sits in a housing area known as ‘Woodview’ just outside the 38 acre Buckingham Park, sold to the local council from part of the original 55 acre estate in 1931.

Buckingham Barn

We went for a walk in the country today

A ramble up on Southwick Hill

Then over the downs to Buckingham Barn

Late September but very warm still



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