Sitting in the sea revisited

No 8 of 12 in the Jemverse series ‘Back to the sea’

Think I’ll go sit in the sea
Let the waves wash over me
One of the best places to be
When I am feeling like this

Think I’ll go play in the sand
Build something with my own hand
A castle that’s splendid and grand
Where I will then live in bliss

Think I will let go and fly
Up with the seagulls on high
But then I will awake by and by
With a caress from the breeze and a kiss


Photo – Jempics

Sit in the sea‘ was originally published as a part of the WordPress Writing 101 challenge on 11 June 2014

Magnificent III

Between the posts, the sea
the water calm and blue
The bench, a perfect place
to sit and watch the view

And, truth be told, this place
for just a moment spent
with gentle summer breeze
is quite magnificent

A peace I can’t explain
or find the words to say
the calm exuded here
at this time of day


Two Rings

Two rings on the final day
A walk which we have made our own
my brother Dave and me
A circle of eight miles
chalky trails beneath our feet
The sunshine smiling once again
to make the week complete

Starting down at Cisbury
then climbing through the fields
Up to Chanctonbury Ring and
views of Sussex Weald
It’s been a week of calm and joy
up on the South Downs Way
A brother’s walk together
on day by perfect day


Every year in May, my brother Dave and I go for a week-long walk. We’ve been elsewhere but most times, the draw of the wonderful South Downs Way – out there on our doorstep – keeps us close to home. Day 5 took us back to a circular walk we developed ourselves. Called  ‘The Two Rings Circle’, it takes in both Cisbury and Chanctonbury Rings in Sussex.

Evening Gold

Silhouetted here in contrast
against an azure sky
Like giant insects waiting
cranes in silent protest lie
And glorious behind them
behind the Western hills
The sun sets o’er the city
and everything is still
This tranquil ending of a day
when all is painted gold
exudes a warmth, a calming
as the evening takes a hold




I am tranquility and more
my voice a soothing balm
Shining I reflect the sun
to bring you peace and calm
I am river flowing free
my waters smooth and still
Come stay a while and breathe me in
until you’ve had your fill
I hold no qualm nor discontent
My aim to heal and cure
Such is the power I promulgate
with freedom, my allure



Yesterday in St James’ Park
catching Pokemon on my phone
I spotted by the waterside
a heron all alone
He was just quietly sitting there
patiently and still
waiting for a fish to pass
his tummy then to fill
I spent a peaceful moment
with him by the water’s edge
Before walking on through London
thankful for that privilege


Photo – Heron, St James Park, London – Jempics

As morning greets me

Fragile early light
with sunrise over the sea
as morning greets me


Two gulls and a fine morning

Two gulls perched on beach huts
facing out to sea
and as I passed by on my bike
they turned to look at me
I bade them a ‘Good Morning’
and I’m pretty sure that they
said same in seagull language
as I hurried on my way

It was very quiet and peaceful
in the early morning light
The sky there tinged with yellow
and the sea a calming sight
On the beach down here in Sussex
I love it at this time
Especially on days like this
when the weather’s warm and fine


Rare moments

Capturing rare moments
bring a soliloquy
even if I’m by myself
‘tho most would still agree
For there’s substance in these words
which rings true with everyone
The joy of finding heaven
is a thing which must be done
And when happenstance you find it
you must always write it down
As these moments serve to bring a smile
to quell a forming frown


Silence serene

In the pale light of dawn
I found it today
As last night from the sunset
it decided to stay
Its presence profound
as it has always been
It is of course silence
Calm, collected, serene


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