Music doing its thing

Sometimes a quiet tune
playing softly satisfies
catches the mood and softens
quietly around ragged edges
calming me completely

But sometimes only loud fits
AirPod Pros resonate
with the volume north of eleven
it still catches and calms and glistens
calming me completely

With magical qualities music grabs me
understands exactly where I'm at
and finds a tune to do all it's meant to
sometimes quiet, sometimes loud
calming me completely


Photo – Jempics

My calming

I went down to the shoreline
on a summer’s late eve
one thing on my mind
to find some reprieve
The calm, lapping waters
invited me in
so I paddled a while
and developed a grin

And the sun-kissed sand
was warm to my feet
so it didn’t take long
to again feel complete
By and by though, come sunset
I said goodbye to my friend
the ocean, my calming
on whom I depend


Hidden Strength

With a calming serenity, the lapping sea
silently approaches the shore
and with the faintest of whispers, turns on itself
before slipping back for more

Best sampled with naked toes
when the summer’s at its height
this kiss of soft warm water hides
the ocean’s strength and might.


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