So this morning, leaving Brighton
after breakfast in the sun
we saw two old cars passing
on the annual 'old crocks' run

Both brought a smile, they always do
these cars of yesteryear
with drivers dressed up to the nines
quite cold but full of cheer

And not alone our spirits raised
as people stopped to wave
the veterans as they chugged past
a memory to save

For with this annual privilege
the past's a living thing
revitalising history
as Brightonians they sing

And I felt a kindred spirit
though much older than me far
one old crock to another
looking quite spectacular


Photo – Jempics

Yellow Moggy

I spied a yellow moggy
in the sunshine yesterday
Parked outside Emmaus
Looking pretty good I’d say

Born in nineteen seventy-one
She’s forty-six years old
which for a car is something
with a colour quite so bold

And this was her original
as the dashboard does attest
Vibrant here and lovely
still looking at her best


Photo – Jempics

‘Emmaus’ is a UK based charity working together to end homelessness. The first community was founded in France in 1949 by Father Henri-Antoine Groues (better known as ‘Abbe Pierre’). The Morris Minor featured in the poem became affectionately known by the nickname ‘Moggy’. This one has a ‘K’ registration plate from 1971

Matthew Tyler’s Motor Car

Matthew Tyler’s motor car was always breaking down

He’d had it now for several years

It had given joy but now gave tears

Some used to smile but now they jeered

When he drove around More

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