Every so often my soulmate and me
feel like a bit of a change
So oft with a plan
we’ll move things around
and the furniture we’ll rearrange

Some things move up and some will come down
but not much escapes our design
As we’ll think it all out
and when there’s no doubt
we’ll continue before we resign

And when we are done on our laurels we’ll rest
with accomplishment yes, and a smile
And things settle down
until with a frown
another move comes in a while


Photo – Jempics

Welcoming the gold

There’s a nip in the air
but the door’s open wide
and I’ve yet to feel chill
when sitting inside

There’s still colour out there
and the green’s yet to fade
as though it was hoping
that summer had stayed

But there’s no denying
the autumn’s now here
So I’ll welcome the gold
with gusto and cheer


Photo – Jempics

First II

2 of 12 in the Jemverse ’12 months III’ series

October is here
as autumn waits in the wings
and the greenery turns brown
leaves begin falling
for the underfoot crunching
into the face of winter


Photo – Jempics

Tri-Haiku IV (Change)

And as winter comes
I am yellow with summer
Sunshine in my mind

But as summer fades
Yellow changes into blue
Winter takes a hold

And as my palette
paints here a changing picture
the canvas moves on


Photo – Jempics 

Originally published under #Jemverse on Instagram, October 2018

Autumn Lovely

Raining now and cooler
Autumn’s finally gotten hold
But there’s still a little warmth out there
and it’s not yet all that cold

Some days when the sun comes out
the summer I still see
Although the falling leaves from
every shrub and bush and tree
tell me that it won’t be long
’til winter’s brittle time
When everyone will dress up warm
even when it’s fine

But I’m far from disappointed
as this change is fine with me
Especially with the lovely things
that every day I see


Photo – Autumn Lovely – Jempics

November II

No. 3 of 12 in the Jemverse ’12 Months II’ series

November and the brittle chill
settles on the land
Winter time has come to stay
felt by its colder hand

Eleventh of Gregorian
Chrysanthemum its flower
Topaz as its birthstone
to give the month its power

Yet in the Southern hemisphere
November sees the Spring
and warmer days of sunshine
to cause the heart to sing


Photo – Jempics

The Circle II

This time of day it changes
at each different time of year
Certain little nuances
as morning time draws near

In winter it is brittle
with a chill upon the air
And this time you’ll find me wrapped up warm
with coats and jumpers there

In springtime it is fragrant
with a promise born of old
Summer’s child lies waiting
to bring respite from the cold

In summertime it’s warming
Windows open to the air
To find me in my element
with sunshine here to share

And in autumn it is whimsy
Halcyon memories are here
To remind me that the passing
of this time is drawing near

This time of day it changes
but the thought remains the same
Knowing that the circle
will repeat this time again


Photo – ironwork garden sculpture from a foundry near Lewes, East Sussex. Author’s garden – Jempics

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