Simple Things

It’s been said before
It’ll be said again
but there’s no harm repeating
the oft sung refrain
that moments of bliss
when contentment’s complete
can be captured and held
to make life this sweet

They are unquantifiable
no mark and no measure
no yardstick or benchmark
for this simple pleasure
And of what do I speak
in these words written here?
The enjoyment of course
from a chat and a beer


Photo – Jempics

Writing 101: day 12 “Having a chat”

Father God I’m sitting here and it’s twenty-five to eight

We have time to kill this morning and not much fear of being late

The children have had their breakfast and, as seems to be the rule

Are watching something naff on tele before off they go to school

And I’m thinking in this moment I should spend some time and pray

Give you all the things that fill my each and every day

But I don’t know how to start it, sounds dreadful, yes, I know

What to say to you my Father before on my way I go

So I guess I’ll sit here for a while and talk about my life

My home, my work, my family, my leisure time, my wife

For I know that when my children tell me about their day

Some little thing that’s happened in their own and special way

I am inclined to listen, dropping anything I do

And it really must, I reckon be just the same with you

So here I am, your child, telling you about my day

Just asking you to listen in my own and special way

It would be so easy just to mention all the naff things in this world

Because we’re really spoilt for choice as the daily news unfurls

But those would just be empty words filling up a space

They wouldn’t really mean much with no compassion, care or grace

And really, if I’m honest, sometimes it’s hard I find

To talk about these distant things with worries on my mind

So I think it’s more important to bring these things to you

As they’ll have a bigger impact on what I say and do

I want to thank you God for listening, for being there a while

For that feeling of contentment, for that endearing smile

It’s all I need to keep me, safe throughout this day

Knowing that you’re always there in all I do and say

You’re there in every single thought, there in every whim

Protecting and upholding me, keeping me from sin

And yes I mess it up sometimes, I’m fallible I know

But I know that you have saved me by this warming inner glow

It’s good to have these little chats, thanks for listening again

It’s good to know you’re there for me and that you’re always just the same

Time to go now, catch the train, take Holly off to school

Face the day that’s up ahead, the norm it seems, the rule

But this morning there is something else deep down there inside

Something to keep me smiling instead of trying to hide.

…  …  …  …

©Jemverse (October 2001)



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