Sea of Child

By listening very carefully
I could hear it on the air
My call across the many years
to me still walking there
The beach where many summer spent
as a boy with dirty knees
To which half a century later
I returned on Autumn breeze

So very little here has changed
So, with echoes of the past
I stood there a while just gazing
out at the ocean, vast
And as I stood there watching
the past and present met
With man and boy upon the beach
a rare reunion crept


Of the trilogy:
Sea of Child (1st October 2015)
Sea of Heart (2nd October 2015)
Sea of Sometime (3 October 2015)


For fourteen years in thirty-nine
You gave me life and more
But God had other plans in mind
When you left in seventy-four

Though forty years and more have passed
I still see you as clear as day
There within my minds’ eye view
On this, the tenth of May

But I see you as you were back then
Not eighty-one years now
A young man still at thirty-nine
That picture’s strong somehow

So here’s to many more then Pops
Happy Birthday Dad
The raising of a glass of beer
To a father from his lad


Child across the sand

Following in your footsteps

Like a child across the sand

I came to a cross

And you held out your hand

I felt like kneeling

But you pulled me to my feet

I felt like crying

But you said ‘No need to weep’

I couldn’t find the words

That from my heart I had to say

But you smiled and said that

You had heard them anyway

I still felt broken

Like an old clockwork train

But you picked me up and fixed me

And made me whole again

And so I thank you Father God

For giving me your hand

And for leading me as my Father

with his child across the sand.



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