Daisy chain memories

Many cross-legged summers
spent on grassy plains
Our nimble fingers crafting
all those daisy chains

Buttercups and clover mixed
Dandelions too
But the daisies really do reflect
the summers that we knew

Their little heads all closed up tight
when it looked like it would rain
But opened up and welcoming
when the sun came out again

Those halcyon days remembered
I’m loathe to wish them adieu
For the daisy chains still crafted
New memories will accrue



Writing 101:Day 10 – “Willow”

Picnics under the willow tree

Check blanket on the ground

Lemon curd sandwiches and chocolate cake

And sunshine all around

Just a short walk to that special place

Park at the end of the lane

Long held as a precious memory

To recall again and again






In life, we as parents

Are often the worst

For forgetting the reason

The true miracle of birth

And as the years they slip by us

With their tears and their mirth

We miss out on the pleasures

As we put ourselves first.

God gave us our children

As a present you know

And yet, with our selfishness

It seldom shows

How grateful we are

As His love through them flows

And the years of their childhood

Like a memory goes


Round the world backwards

Round the world backwards down the stairs

Scruffy bear held in my hand

Humming a tune that only I know

I’m the drummer in my little band

Holding on tight to the bannister rail

Don’t really want to fall down

Scruffy bear’s safe ‘cos he’s tight in my hand

“Not to worry” I’ll say, with a frown More

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