It’s peaceful here
my special place
the bright sunshine
warm in my face

Birdsong in the
trees around
The fresh mown grass
green on the ground

And just there
passing close to me
the buzz of a
big bumblebee


Squirrel II

I met a little squirrel
in St James’ park today
He stopped and looked straight up at me
I think, as if to say
That if I were to be so kind
A little titbit please
‘For I’m find it quite hard
to find my nuts amongst the leaves’
‘Alas’ I said, ‘I have no food’
‘Well, never mind’ said he
‘It was really nice to meet you
‘So I’ll leave and let you be’
I watched him as he scampered off
and smiled when there he found
the nuts he’d stashed amongst the leaves
right there upon the ground.



Goosey Gander

I met a goose this morning
in the early morning chill
waiting by the bench with hope
his tummy for to fill
It was a little early though
No food had I to hand
So I merely smiled a greeting
bidding him ‘Good Morning’ and
Wandered slowly on my way
to hum a little ditty
Writing words about it, droll
and also rather witty



I was minding my own business
walking through the park
In very early morning
having risen with the lark
Seems I was not the only one
up at that time of day
As there were many squirrels
passing by me on the way
One chap in particular
A feisty little fellow
caught my eye as if to wish
a cheery greeting ‘hello’
So I reciprocated as one does
as that was only right
Before he scampered off and soon
had disappeared from sight


The penguin dichotomy

Like little old men
they totter about
wobbling unsteady
as if they have gout
They fall over a lot
on their short stubby legs
and are really unsteady
on those little pegs

But once in the water
they are graceful and free
as they swim underwater
in their homeland, the sea
Yes penguins have wings
and they use them to fly
with speed in the ocean
like the birds in the sky



Squirrels at play in the sunshine
Chasing around and around
One eating nuts in the branches
Two playing games on the ground

Paused for a moment to watch them
Simple pleasures to linger to see
Three squirrels just doing their squirrely things
And posing for pictures with me







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