Waiting still

The sun broke through another day
and found me waiting here
lacklustre in this winter frame
awaiting Springtime cheer
Frustrating as despite the chill
the signs are evident
with green shoots reaching skyward
colour shows its good intent
and yet this lingering chill remains
as sunshine's yellow rays
have yet to seize a hold and bring
a start to warmer days


Photo – Jempics


December blossom

There’s blossom in the bushes
even though it’s now December
And I know it’s been quite warm of late
but you’d think it would remember
That winter sun although still bright
deceives with days of chill
and Spring is several months away
with quite some waiting still
Don’t get me wrong though, I’m quite pleased
to see these buds of pink
I’m just surprised and know the chill
will stop their growth I think



Sun kissed

With a cold foot forward, dressed up warm
against the chilly air
The grin upon my face resigned
and not for pleasure there
And yet the crystal air affords
despite the iron chill
A sun-kissed panorama that
is sure to cure all ill


Wintertime tangents

Off at a tangent
at this time of year
When it’s still wintertime
but the spring is quite near
It’s getting lighter each day
and at evening time too
And though trees are still bare
there are signs of the new

We have cyclamen growing
in the tub just outside
And the forsythia buds
are forming with pride
But it’s January still
so more chill we will know
as the forecast I’m told
is for dustings of snow

So for now I’m resigned
to more of this chill
Albeit with the promise
that the waiting until
the warm days of spring
get nearer each day
when the green with replace
the wintertime grey




In between the buttercups
Daisies in a throng
Suggesting that the summer
has finally come along

Yet you might be forgiven
for harbouring a doubt
When you see the weather out there
and feel the chill when you are out

But there again it’s early June
and this is England, with respect
So you really shouldn’t be surprised
What more did you expect?


November Mnemonic

Overtly chill
Briskly across the
Remains of an ever

November. Swiftly
Of speculation as
Icy needles

Now overtly chill,
vacant echoes move briskly across
the ephemeral remains of an
ever moving November,
Swiftly ending months of
Speculation as Northern
Icy needles chill


The evening of the year

Beauty wears a frown
as Autumn colours fade and die
The Summer’s warmth now distant
as the year it hurries by

December looms. Finality
Twenty-fifteen almost done
Now in the throws of Winter
the Spring has far to come

Yet all is not lost for soon the chill
will see Jack Frost’s return
when beauty’s frown will disappear
and new winter wonders learn

Ice crystals on an early dawn
Sunshine on diamond white
Maybe a covering of snow
in the ethereal light

A smile replaces beauty’s frown
as it sees the winter’s cheer
with so much wonder round about
in the evening of the year



Deep in the blue a jet plane soars
twin contrails ‘cross the sky
I wonder where it’s going to
up there so very high
Maybe to a warmer place
where the summer sun shines still
Leaving English wintertime
where it’s blustery and chill

It would be so nice to join it
and fly off to somewhere nice
But I’ll have to keep on dreaming
as I can’t afford the price
For me it’s still a daylight lamp
in a jumper by the fire
apart from when I venture out
in suitable attire



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