Incumbent of grace

The best thing about Christmas
especially this year
above all the frolics
and laughter and cheer
and the fact we have made it
despite the pandemic
testament to the spirit
of people endemic
is the absolute pleasure
we can have here for free
the being together
as one family
all seven right here
at this time in this place
the best present ever
incumbent of grace


Photo – Ed Croucher (from left to right – Jem, Bezza, Sal, Grace, Lee, Emily & Ed)


Paddle boarding Santas

On Christmas day in Shoreham
five hundred santas gathered
for a paddle on the Adur
though some were fairly blathered
and with paddle boards a-plenty
the red there and the white
made for this Christmas day right here
a truly lovely sight

It brought as it intended
a smile to every face
who stood to watch them paddle
in this very special place
and it said by words through action
that whatever life may bring
joy and laughter here at Christmas
is the most important thing


Photo – Jempics

Christmas Eve

5 of 5 in the Jemverse series ‘The week before Christmas’

Christmas Eve Friday is here at long last
let the japes and the cheer now begin
for this family together
as it has now forever
is bursting with laughter and grin

For this is our happiness and nothing less
cathartic and wondrous and free
all six here as one
for plenty of fun
to share with this great family


Photo – Jempics


4 of 5 in ‘The week before Christmas’ series from Jemverse

Twenty-third of December, just two days to go
and everything's ready I'd say
The Crouchers are coming
the house is a-humming
for the absolute best Christmas day

Twenty-third of December, just two days to go
we have food and presents galore
and never say never
we six are together
to show just what Christmas is for


Photo – Jempics

Reluctant Reindeer

3 of 5 in ‘The week before Christmas’ series from Jemverse

The Houndie House sled has been up now for weeks
for reindeer dogs to pose by
but whenever we go
our reindeer says 'no'
so we'll make do with this with a sigh


Photo – Jempics

[Houndie House is a safe dog-walking field we visit weekly in Sussex]

Obi the Squidge

2 of 5 in ‘The week before Christmas’ series from Jemverse

Obi the Squidge is a dog of small stature
but although his legs may be short
he knows what is what
and the good life he's got
and he's fast enough not to be caught

Obi the Squidge has a brain that is cunning
so when he sees something he's not allowed
he waits til time's right
and then out of sight
makes off with the prize feeling proud


Photo – Jempics

Measure on measure

The Christmas tree's up
and it's twinkling there
under the window
good spirit to share
It's welcoming glow
is a comforting sight
when I leave in the morning
and return home at night

And the advent sack beckons
a departure this year
from traditional boxes
but still oozing cheer
As every morning we delve
to find a new treasure
from our four grown-up children
for measure on measure


Photo – our Christmas 21 ‘advent sack’ – Jempics

One IV

4 of 12 in the Jemverse ’12 months V’ series

First of December
the wreaths are all made
Christmas cushions are out
and November it fades
Tonight all our offspring
will in the attic find things
to adorn, decorate
as the house around sings
I'll dust off the CDs
not played for a year
and join with loud voice
to sing and bring cheer
And as fairy lights glow
we'll settle down as we do
to watch films all together
and look forward to Yule
For though there is more
that December brings here
it's mainly for Christmas
that we hold it dear


Photo – Jempics

Christmas week VII

7 of 7 in the Jemverse ‘Christmas week’ series

The Christmas week now
today sees its end
with just five days to go
before this year we’ll send

On its way with relief
as really we should
as let’s face it, it’s truly
not been that good

But before it’s sent packing
we still have some December
to fill with good things
for us to remember


Photo – Jempics

Christmas week VI

6 of 7 in the Jemverse ‘Christmas week’ series

T’was the day after Christmas
twenty-sixth of December
and if I say so myself
a one to remember

For this year as we know
has been naff to extreme
the worst one in fact
that the world has yet seen

But despite all the naffness
we have still come together
for the best of good times
we will treasure forever


Photo – Jempics

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