Tri-haiku XXI (the circle of life)

Pebble to water
Concentric rings dissipate
The circle of Life

Pebble vanishes
Concentric rings continue
The Circle of Life

Pebble thrown once more
Concentric rings multiply
The Circle of Life


Photo – Jempics

Circles I

And so to circles
Spreading like raindrops
in summer puddles
they give to reflection
for a moment or two
And then they are gone
Like whimsy
on a sunshine day


Image and words from #Jemverse on Instagram – June 2019

The Circle II

This time of day it changes
at each different time of year
Certain little nuances
as morning time draws near

In winter it is brittle
with a chill upon the air
And this time you’ll find me wrapped up warm
with coats and jumpers there

In springtime it is fragrant
with a promise born of old
Summer’s child lies waiting
to bring respite from the cold

In summertime it’s warming
Windows open to the air
To find me in my element
with sunshine here to share

And in autumn it is whimsy
Halcyon memories are here
To remind me that the passing
of this time is drawing near

This time of day it changes
but the thought remains the same
Knowing that the circle
will repeat this time again


Photo – ironwork garden sculpture from a foundry near Lewes, East Sussex. Author’s garden – Jempics

Life as a flower

Below ground I lay dormant
Biding my time
Pushing up through dark soil
When the weather is fine

I have learned to stand upright
With my roots firm and strong
But it is up in the daylight
Where I truly belong

Green shoots through the frost
I stand up to the world
As soon my true beauty
Will be known and unfurled

In adolescence I grow taller
Seeking the sun
As my flowers begin budding
My life is begun

Blue mirrors the sky
As my beauty it grows
I have blossomed and flowered
And stand proud as it shows

And as the Spring gathers purchase
I mature gracefully
My blue in abundance
I am happy and free

Then, as Summer commences
With its warming new birth
My evening begins
And I return to the earth

My blue fades and withers
I shrink and grow thin
And return to the darkness
As my life starts to dim

But deep down in the soil
Though dormant, I live
Biding time for the moment
When more pleasure I’ll give


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