Lights across the city

Bright lights across the city
and me fifteen floors high
I have a perfect vista
‘Neath a dark and starless sky

High above the lane of Bear
In Leeds, West Yorkshire way
Where I’ve travelled to from Southern lands
to work just for a day

It’s so quiet and peaceful
up here, yet very bright
A hundred thousand streetlamps
of a city lit at night




Walking through Brighton
on a nice sunny day
we admire the Pavilion
which we pass on the way
The tall and majestic
pagodas up there
just have to be looked at
so we pause for a stare

It’s a wonder we’ve seen
many times now before
but it still quite amazing
so we come back for more
We lived here for just shy
of fifteen long years
So we’ve shared in its history
its joys and its tears

It’s not home for us now
but we’re not far away
so we often come back
here just for the day
Brighton’s got all of that
“Joie de vivre”
So whenever we visit
It’s so hard to leave her

But the wonderful thing
with that though is this
We’re only in Shoreham
and come and go as we wish
So with the “je ne sais quoi”
that describes this fine city
I’ll leave you with Brighton
and sign off this fine ditty



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