Big blue double-decker bus

Heading into Worthing on
a big blue double-decker bus
My transport for this morning
as there are no trains because
the buggers are on strike again
No Christmas spirit there
No sparkle and no smiles as
Southern Rail just do not care

But I’m really not that bothered
for I get to see the sea
A ride along the coastal road
up here quite pleasantly
And yes it’s a grey morning
but the view is just as nice
and the chance to see the sea each day
is cheap at half the price



Cast in yellow pools of light
night shadows on the beach
Wooden breakwaters stand tall
robust against the Reach
Mysterious, the water calls
quietly from the shore
as lapping waves just out of sight
return again once more
The sweeping bay, the shingle slopes
the lights along the coast
This peacefulness, this solitude
as the ocean plays the host



My ‘ever there’ friend

Took a long look at the sea today
made up my mind there and then
For it’s been way too long since I visited
my dear ‘ever there’ special friend

It’s always the same whenever we meet
like we’re seldom ever apart
Comes of living here next to the coast
for the sea is there deep in my heart

My ‘ever there’ friend rejuvenates me
on every occasion we meet
and I’ll never grow tired of the company
as each time is a real special treat


A good place to be

Sun shines, enticing me
up on hills or down by sea
Inspiring with the warm and free
down here at the coast

Winds blow, surrounding me
up on hills or down to sea
This is the place I love to be
down here at the coast

Rain falls, refreshing me
up on hills or down to sea
Though to the sun I’ll always flee
down here at the coast



All around me are reminders of
The ocean and the beach
Just as well then really
That I live in easy reach

For it is just a walk away
Ten minutes at the most
Another simple pleasure
Of living by the coast

All these little keepsakes
Tactile treasures to retain
Added to the next time
I’m at the beach again


Walking Sussex 4



Beachy Head to Birling Gap, the lighthouse red and white

The Seven Sisters rolling cliffs made an awesome sight

Day four of walking Sussex and this one by the coast

The hottest day we’ve had so far and the week is gone, almost.


©Jemverse (15 May 2014)

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